Netanyahu Busted Covering Up Intelligence That Disagrees With His Opposition To Obama Iran Deal

Netanyahu Busted Covering Up Intelligence That Disagrees With His Opposition To Obama Iran Deal


A report out of Israel claims that Prime Minister Netanyahu is covering up and suppressing Israeli intelligence that disagrees with his opposition to Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.

According to Haaretz:

There are those in the Intelligence Corps, including those in the research division dealing with Iran, who have a very positive view of the nuclear agreement. Their views, at variance with the totally negative stance taken by Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, have bubbled up to the level of Halevy, Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot and others, but there too they have been swallowed up as if they had never existed. Although this is not usually the case in the Intelligence Corps, as opposed to that regarding state secrets, these views are being concealed from the public. Where is the oversight department that is supposed to present contrarian views to the accepted wisdom?

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Netanyahu, who is afraid of the publication of intelligence assessments that contradict his own, wants to prevent the public and the U.S. Congress from seeing the cracks in the false facade of a unified Israeli front that opposes the agreement with Iran. Military officers who cooperate with this approach are in breach of their national duty.

Netanyahu’s behavior sounds very similar to that of the Bush administration before the United States invaded Iraq. At the time, the administration officials pushing for war in Iraq ignored, suppressed, or discredited any intelligence that disagreed with the Bush/Cheney assessment of Iraq as a fast and easy war to win.

The result was a mismanaged disaster of a war in Iraq that neither the American or the Iraqi people have yet to recover fully from. Netanyahu is trying to woo Senate Democrats into opposing the deal. Israeli intelligence reports that disagree with his opposition to the deal would be fatal to his plan of getting enough votes in the Senate to kill the deal.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is still interfering in American politics, and he is doing it in the most disingenuous manner possible. The peoples of both Israel and the United States deserve to see all of the Israeli intelligence on the deal.

Republicans in Congress and Netanyahu are trying to put over a WMD level lie on the American people. Instead of mushroom clouds, it’s nuclear programs, and getting rid of Saddam has been replaced by war with Iran.

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