Indicted Rick Perry Quits Paying His Staff Because His Campaign Is Going Broke

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Tuesday, August, 11th, 2015, 12:46 pm

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Former Texas Governor Rick Perry is no longer paying his staff, according to an anonymous source close to the campaign. According to the source, Perry’s campaign manager, Jeff Miller, told staffers on Friday that they would no longer receive pay for their work, because the presidential candidate was running low on funds.

Most Perry staffers are soldiering on without pay, determined to keep the struggling candidate in the race. While the campaign’s funds have dried up, a pro-Perry super PAC is still flush with cash and can compensate for some of the campaign’s shortcomings. The super PAC however cannot coordinate efforts with the Perry campaign.

Rick Perry’s South Carolina campaign chair person, Katon Dawson, confirmed that he and the rest of Perry’s Palmetto State staff were working for free now. Dawson stated:

Money is extremely tight. We all moved to volunteer status.

Perry’s campaign is hoping for a major breakthrough in September, but its hard to imagine that such a breakthrough is forthcoming. Perry got schooled by Carly Fiorina in the “children’s table” debate of lower tier candidates on Thursday, and he is averaging less than two percent support in GOP primary polls. His presidential aspirations are evaporating as fast as his money is.

Working for the former Texas Governor and soon to be two time loser must be a thankless job. Not only must his staffers work tirelessly to sell a flawed candidate who has no chance of winning, but now they must do so without compensation. The Perry campaign doesn’t just fail to pay a living wage, they pay no wage at all.

Its pretty hard to promote a convincing case for Perry’s executive skills and his economic ideas, when he can’t even find a way to pay his staff minimum wage. Rick Perry is not a viable presidential candidate, and working for Rick Perry isn’t a real job.

Real jobs pay, after all.

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