Bernie Sanders Draws More People Than Clinton Or Trump With Crowd That Stopped Iowa State Fair

Bernie Sanders Draws More People Than Clinton Or Trump With Crowd That Stopped Iowa State Fair

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Chuck Todd reported on Meet The Press that Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders drew more people to the Iowa State Fair than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Todd said that the Sanders crowd was so big that it stopped the fair.


Before bringing in Sanders for an interview, Todd said, “From my three days in Iowa, it’s clear to me that the Bernie Sanders phenomenon is very real. The Vermont Independent Senator is attracting huge crowds.”

After bringing in Sanders, Todd continued, “I have to say I was both in Clear Lake watched you there, watched you in Soapbox. You had so many people, the fair stopped. Forget Trump. Forget Hillary Clinton. I think you might have had the biggest crowd yesterday.”

It is nice of the mainstream media’s Captain Obvious to finally pick up on what the rest of the political world already knows. Bernie Sanders is drawing huge crowds all across the country. Apparently, Chuck Todd wasn’t convinced when 28,000 showed up in Portland, Oregon, and 27,500 people came out for Sanders in Los Angeles. Todd had to see it with his own eyes to make sure that the people were there, and that liberals were telling the truth.

As annoying as it might be, the validation of a key Beltway insider like Chuck Todd is important for the Sanders campaign and for the movement that the candidate is constructing. People inside Washington are beginning to recognize the power of Bernie Sanders.

This matters because, even if Sanders does not win the Democratic nomination, he will return to the Senate as one of the most popular and powerful senators in the country. When the mainstream media takes a candidate seriously, their ideas get taken more seriously, and Bernie Sanders has a lot of good ideas.

It is no surprise that Sanders drew a potentially bigger crowd than Clinton or Trump. In fact, I discussed this possibility less than three days ago on this website.

Sen. Sanders is rising to help shape the future and direction of this country. Sanders is getting so popular that even Chuck Todd can see it. The next wave of change is coming to America, and it is being led by an Independent Senator from Vermont.

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