Bernie Sanders’ Red State Revolution Causes 2 SC Rallies To Move To Bigger Venues

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Wednesday, August, 19th, 2015, 3:34 pm

Bernie Sanders Portland, Maine

The demand to see Bernie Sanders is so high that his campaign was forced to move two rallies in South Carolina to larger locations.

In a statement, the Sanders campaign announced that two upcoming rallies in South Carolina had to be moved to larger venues after crowd projections outgrew the original locations.

The Sanders campaign announced, “With turnout projections mounting, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign has shifted the location of Sunday’s rally in Charleston, South Carolina, to the Charleston Convention Center. The two-day swing includes stops in Greenville, Columbia and Sumter.”

Bernie Sanders has found fantastic success in red states. Sanders has drawn big crowds in Texas and Louisana, and he drew a then 2016 record crowd when 11,000 showed up to support him at a rally in Arizona.

There is a valuable lesson about the generalities of political polarization in what Sen. Sanders is accomplishing. The Sanders message that the government must work for ordinary Americans and that the billionaires and special interests must be defeated in order to return power back to the people is a natural fit for many residents of red states.

Red state Democrats who get little attention from the national Democratic Party are coming out in droves to hear a presidential candidate ask them for their support. The message in both the Obama 2008 campaign and what Sanders is doing in 2016 is that Democrats shouldn’t limit themselves to a box of blue states and a few swing states.

A liberal economic message can be popular in all parts of the country. Sen. Sanders is leading a political grassroots revolution, and it is logical that some of the people who would be most willing to join the cause are the ones who have experienced the tyranny of the right-wing billionaires first hand in their own states.

Bernie Sanders is building a national movement of people in both red and blue states who are fed up with a corrupt system that is being controlled by a handful of billionaire donors.

Sen. Sanders is challenging the billionaires on their own turf, and judging from the response of the people, he’s winning.

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