Ben Carson Goes Nuts On CNN And Channels George Bush While Droning On About Caves

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Sunday, August, 23rd, 2015, 1:53 pm


In a performance that only be described as insane, Ben Carson tried to clarify on CNN that he supports armed drone strikes along the US/Mexico border, but that he is not going to kill any people.


Transcript via CNN State Of The Union:

ACOSTA: And let me ask you about something else you said earlier this week. You said that the United States should consider using drone strikes to secure the border with Mexico.

What did you mean by that? Obviously, drones are used now for surveillance along the border. Are you talking about taking drone strikes at the U.S./Mexico border?

CARSON: It was quite clear what I was talking about.

I said that drones are excellent for surveillance. You know, along that border, we have miles and miles of fences. And, you know, I went there last week and didn’t see any Border Patrol people. And those fences are so easy to scale. It is almost like not having a fence there.

So, drones can help with the surveillance. In no way did I suggest that drones be used to kill people. And I said that to the media at the time. I said, you guys are — some of you are going to go out and say Carson wants to use drones to kill people on the borders.

How ridiculous. At some point, I hope we have some responsible media which actually focuses on the problem. We have a huge security risk there. And talking to some of the sheriffs down there on the border, Sheriff Babeu, Sheriff Dannels, and some of the other law enforcement agencies, listen to the frustration. You should have them on your show, and let them talk about what is actually going on down there.

And it seems like we have not only the cartels to deal with, the drug smugglers, the people smugglers, but we have the federal government, which is not being helpful. Over the last couple of years, they have released 67,000 of those people.

ACOSTA: But, Dr. Carson…

CARSON: Sixty-seven thousand.

ACOSTA: … there were some reports that said that you were at the very least considering drone strikes on cartels down there at the border.

You are saying under no circumstances would you use drones for military purposes along the U.S./Mexico border? No drone strikes whatsoever?

CARSON: No, no, that’s — that’s a — that is a total lie.

What I said is, it’s possible that a drone could be used to destroy the caves that are utilized to hide people. Those need to be gotten rid of.

ACOSTA: Hide immigrants or hide — who — who would be hidden in these caves?

CARSON: No, the scouts.

ACOSTA: Where are these caves? What caves are you talking about?

CARSON: The scouts and the people who are facilitating — the scouts and the people who are facilitating all illegal activities.

Those caves are very evident. And I hope you have some of the sheriffs in. They can show you the pictures. They can show you what is going on there. We are not getting support from the federal government to deal with these people. They’re being outgunned. You know, 56 percent of that border is not under our control.


ACOSTA: OK, but I just want to make sure we button this down.

So, you’re are saying that, in some instances, you would advocate using drone strikes to take out cartels that are bringing migrants across the border? Is that what you’re talking about? Wouldn’t there be some instances where perhaps…

CARSON: Listen, read my lips.

ACOSTA: … innocent people might get killed? Yes, please, let’s agree — let’s do it.


CARSON: Read my lips. Listen very carefully to what I am saying.

I said there are caves. There are caves that they utilize. Those caves can be eliminated. There are a number of possibilities. That could be one of them. I am not talking about killing people, no people with drones.

ACOSTA: You would just take out the caves themselves. You would make sure that the caves are empty and then drone them? And that’s what you’re saying?

CARSON: I think that is — I made that very clear.

When a presidential candidate feels the need to declare that they are not going to kill innocent people with drones on the US/Mexico border, that candidate has some problems.

The Republican Party has descended into the sort of lunacy that the RNC tried to avoid by frontloading the primary schedule. Ben Carson is trying to outdo Donald Trump’s wall by launching drone strikes along the border.

Republicans don’t seem to understand that to the rest of the country, Ben Carson sounds like a crazy person. Carson was not able to understand why CNN’s Jim Acosta was concerned about the possibility that the Republican presidential candidate’s drone strikes potentially on US soil could kill innocent people.

Ben Carson shouldn’t be trusted with a kite much less an armed drone, but such is the collective mental state of the Republican Party that people like Trump and Carson are the top of the Republican presidential polls.

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