Bernie Sanders Tops Trump As Billionaire Draws Fewer People Than Democratic Candidate

Bernie Sanders Tops Trump As Billionaire Draws Fewer People Than Democratic Candidate


The cable news networks went gaga for Donald Trump’s speech in Iowa last night, but Trump drew fewer people to his speech than Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders drew in the red state of South Carolina.

An estimated crowd of 3,000 turned out in Iowa to hear Trump’s typically egocentric unfocused rambling mostly about how great Donald Trump is. The “focus” of Trump’s speech was supposed to immigration a.k.a. more racist immigrant bashing, but as usual Trump rambled on for nearly an hour as his supporters seemed not to care that he wasn’t saying much of anything.

The cable networks went gaga for Trump. All three covered the beginning of his speech live, but what is being overlooked is that there is a serious presidential candidate who is drawing more people to his rallies than Donald Trump, but getting none of the same live coverage from the media.

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Last weekend, Bernie Sanders drew more people to three events in South Carolina than Donald Trump did in Iowa. According to the Sanders campaign, the Democratic candidate drew his biggest crowd of the weekend (3,100) in Charleston, SC. Sanders also drew big crowds in Greenville (2,800), Columbia (2,700) and Sumter, South Carolina (600).

The Iowa estimate for Trump is not confirmed, as initial media reports put the crowd size for the Republican at closer to 2,000. Since the Trump campaign is famous for overinflating their crowd size numbers, it is likely that the confirmed size of three Sanders crowds in South Carolina were larger that the Trump Iowa rally that cable news jumped to cover.

Bernie Sanders is drawing more people, but getting less national coverage than Trump. The media is live covering Trump because they have convinced themselves that the celebrity candidate equals ratings. Although, it hasn’t been proven that Trump is capable of delivering a huge ratings bump for anyone other than Fox News.

Last weekend, CNN and MSNBC dumped Trump’s Alabama rally because it was boring television. On Tuesday night, MSNBC and Fox News cut away from Trump without showing the whole rally.

The media has chosen to ignore the candidate with substance (Sanders) to televise an ego driven reality television star (Trump). Within this context, it is easy to understand why the American people are so poorly informed. The cable news networks are giving their attention to a serial misinformer instead of a candidate who wants to discuss the issues.
Sanders draws more people but gets less coverage than Trump because the lazy media would rather entertain the electorate than inform them.

The choices of the corporate media are one of the main reasons why U.S. voters are so poorly informed.

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