Scott Walker Is Circling The Drain: Experts Slam His “Childish” Comments On China

Scott Walker Is Circling The Drain: Experts Slam His “Childish” Comments On China

Scott Walker

Experts are calling Gov. Scott Walker’s messaging on China “childish” and “harmful”.

In an effort to compete with Donald Trump’s surprising surge in the Republican presidential primary, Governor Scott Walker (R-WI), whose foreign policy gaffes are stacking up to rival Sarah Palin’s and Mitt Romney’s, escalated his China policy on Monday to rival the simplistic ignorance of Trump’s China “policy”.

Walker’s solution? The Wisconsin Republican demanded that President Obama cancel Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to the White House. He tweeted, “We need to see some backbone from Obama on U.S.-China relations. He needs to cancel Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit. – SW”

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Yes, ghost him! Because nothing fixes substantial problems like throwing a tantrum and icing someone out. Naturally Carly Fiorina followed suit, chasing after Walker who is chasing after Trump for the angry bigot vote.

Experts “across the political spectrum” were not impressed and have labeled the messaging “childish” and “harmful”. In other words, your basic Republican foreign policy.

The conservative National Review reported:

China experts across the political spectrum are not keen on Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker’s demand that President Obama cancel Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to the White House. They’re calling the proposal, echoed on Wednesday by rival GOP contender Carly Fiorina, both “childish” and “harmful” to U.S. credibility.

Derek Scissors, a resident scholar at the conservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI), says that while Walker’s desire to take a tougher stance toward China is well-founded, calling for the cancellation of a state visit simply isn’t the right approach. “On principle, I understand where Governor Walker is coming from,” Scissors says, “but this just isn’t how you address it.” Rescinding the invitation now, he says, would make it look “like we’re throwing a tantrum rather than taking a substantive approach to our problems with China,” and that “it would be seen as childish US provocation” and “harm our credibility.”

What Trump low caused this Republican pied piper chase the tail to failure? Trump blamed Obama for the market crash. You know, Obama, the president under whom the markets have soared and who has overseen historic, record-setting private sector job growth. And then postured that he, the self-imagined Clint Eastwood of diplomacy, would just not let them “dictate the agenda”.

“Markets are crashing – all caused by poor planning and allowing China and Asia to dictate the agenda. This could get very messy! Vote Trump.” Yes, that old Republican promise- vote for John McCain and he’ll tell you after he wins where Osama is. Vote for George W Bush so we don’t get blown up. Again. On his watch. Vote Trump and he’ll show those Chinese who’s boss!

Walker elaborated on his alleged strategy of stomping his feet on the ground really, really loudly by canceling the visit with Chinese President Xi Jinping in retaliation for our anxious stock market over the last few days:

“Americans are struggling to cope with the fall in today’s markets driven in part by China’s slowing economy and the fact that they actively manipulate their economy. Rather than honoring Chinese President Xi Jinping with an official state visit next month, President Obama should focus on holding China accountable over its increasing attempts to undermine U.S. interests.”

This aligns with Walker’s middle school approach to diplomacy, like when the compared labor unions to ISIL. To be fair, it was Texas Senator Ted Cruz, another Republican presidential candidate, who claimed he would get rid of ISIL by saying mean things, like using the “term Islamic terrorism”, which he feels isn’t used enough.

So, Walker isn’t the most childish or harmful in the entire Republican primary race; but he wins the blue ribbon for most childish and harmful this week, and as always on the subject of foreign policy, he terrifies even conservatives.

The experts seem to agree with Walker’s own state, where the Governor’s poll numbers have plummeted. So dies another Koch-funded White House dream. Meanwhile, Scott Walker is giving foreign policy yet another go with a speech today.

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