Obama Is Moving To Crush Republican Iran Deal Opponents In The Senate

Obama Is Moving To Crush Republican Iran Deal Opponents In The Senate


The Republican plan to build opposition to the Iran deal has backfired, and with Democratic momentum growing, President Obama is moving to crush the Republican resolution of disapproval in the Senate.

Politico reported, “With momentum moving in Obama’s direction — on Sunday, Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley became the 31st Senate Democrat to endorse the Iran accord — the White House is now openly pushing to crush the resolution in the Senate. The hope is to prevent the resolution from ever reaching the president’s desk, but if it does get through Congress, a veto looks certain to be sustained. Obama needs just three of the 13 undecided Democratic senators remaining to side with him; in the House, he appears to already have the votes to uphold a veto.”

Republicans are privately admitting that they are on the edge of completely losing their ability to block the deal. Politico also reported that Republicans are baffled as to why they have not been able to get any more Democrats to join them in opposing the deal.

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Two words explain why Democrats have not joined with Republicans in opposing the deal. — Netanyahu’s speech.

Speaker of the House John Boehner and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s disrespect of President Obama caused a revolt among Congressional Democrats that led to them closing ranks around their president. Boehner and McConnell have tried to use the Iran deal to divide Democrats, but the party has stood with Obama and is poised to stop the resolution of disapproval from making it to the President’s desk.

Obama has the momentum and is on the cusp of handing his Republican critics a humiliating defeat.

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