Scott Walker’s Wall Along the Canadian Border too Late to Keep out Ted Cruz

Scott Walker’s Wall Along the Canadian Border too Late to Keep out Ted Cruz

Hand him a shovel. He's already an expert at digging holes
Hand him a shovel. He’s already an expert at digging holes

Scott Walker, who made a fool of himself with comments made when the China stock market crashed, and then saw critics slam those comments as “childish,” has now announced that a U.S.-Canada wall is a “legitimate” idea.

Where was he when Cruz sneaked like Gollum across the Canadian-U.S. border? It’s a little late now.

It was during an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that Walker revealed his trump Trump plan for a 5,525-mile wall along the Canadian border (3,987 miles excluding Alaska, which he didn’t specifically mention).

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“Some people have asked us about that in New Hampshire. They raised some very legitimate concerns, including some law enforcement folks that brought that up to me at one of our town hall meetings about a week and a half ago. So that is a legitimate issue for us to look at.”

The following response to Walker’s plan comes from People For the American Way’s Regional Political Coordinator Scott Foval:

This sounds like a brilliant strategy, not for solving our nation’s immigration challenges, but for showing that there’s no idea too ridiculous for a candidate trying to build his anti-immigrant credentials. Our country doesn’t need more Trump-style demagoguery from GOP presidential candidates. We need comprehensive immigration reform that helps actual families.

I don’t know. Market Watch’s Quentin Fottrell offers five reasons to flee the United States for Canada. Or maybe Walker is anticipating that Americans will flee in droves if he is elected, and the wall is part of his plan to counter this.

So anyway, look, it’s not just Iowa that makes Republicans stupid. I mean, of course, more stupid than usual.

Walker, in particular, has been having so many issues with issues that even the mainstream media has noticed, which is never a good sign. CNN, for example, told its readers,

Walker first said he favored Trump’s idea of repealing birthright citizenship. He backed off that stance days later, telling a reporter that he hasn’t taken a position. And then last Sunday, he said that he isn’t advocating any changes to laws on the books — including the Fourteenth Amendment.

Despite taking three different positions in the course of a week, Walker insisted Sunday on NBC, his stance has been consistent.

Sounds like an attack of Romneyism. For which, we now know, there is no cure.

Meanwhile, Walker continues to say we need a secure border, which has the virtue of being simple, and therefore something he can remember well enough to repeat it endlessly each time a question is asked:

But notice these tweets, which he sent after Meet the Press, don’t mention Canada. Maybe he changed his mind again. Maybe he forgot. Maybe he figures it’s just a given at this point. We who live in Wisconsin know that Scott Walker is not an intelligent man. But hey, we have pretty bridges.

Under Republicans, we will apparently be a nation under siege, a Festung Amerika, with walls surrounding us north and south (Alaska, you got your mountain but you’re on your own, and Hawaii…well, you’re a long way from Canada and Mexico).

If Republican candidates are not starting to sound crazy, even to Republican voters, something is wrong. Sure, we see this game of one-upmanship every four years, with each candidate trying to outdo the other for the base, but you have to wonder how much crazier it can get than bankrupting ourselves with modern-day Maginot lines across our borders.

It’s not like Canada and Mexico plan to drive tanks across the border and despite Republican claims to the contrary, most of these people are not criminals, in fact, they are made victims of crime by the act of trying to reach the United States if they have not already been made victims at their point of origin.

Donald Trump has said Mexico will be made to pay for his wall – Mexico offered a big negative in response to that claim – but Walker has not said who will pay for his Canadian wall. You can be it won’t be the Canadians, and it won’t be the 1 percent.

One possible solution would be use the “Christie Plan” to employ FedEx to tag these folks when they come across the Rio Grande, whereupon they will be sent as slave labor to the Canadian border to dig trenches and build walls, like another totalitarian regime once did in occupied France.

Walker pointed the finger at Milwaukee and unions there as well, blaming them for what he’s done to Wisconsin: “Part of it is, I think, some of the poor policies in the city of Milwaukee.”

Maybe they’ll be the next ones to get the wall treatment.

It’s gotten out of hand. There is stupid and then there is Oh My God You Can’t Be Serious stupid. We’ve reached that point and crossed it with this collection of bumbling nincompoops who collectively don’t belong outside of the padded rooms of a mental hospital.

General George S. Patton said, “Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man.” If so, we’ve got the perfect man for the job.

If Walker wants a wall with Canada, I say hand him a shovel and point him in the right direction, because if he’s anything like another Republican, Tom Cotton, he won’t know where to dig.

Meanwhile, we’re stuck with Ted Cruz. mean, it’s just too late. I’m sorry, but there it is. We’ll just have to deal with him on our own, and we can do that by voting. Please, please, please do vote, because if you let the Republicans win, you may not get another opportunity.

Unless, you know, you want to live in Festung Amerika.

Update: Response of People for the American Way (PFAW) added.

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