MSNBC Blows Hillary Clinton Exclusive Interview By Obsessing Over Her Emails

MSNBC Blows Hillary Clinton Exclusive Interview By Obsessing Over Her Emails

Hillary Clinton MSNBC interview

Hillary Clinton has only granted three national interviews since launching her presidential campaign, MSNBC got the latest one and completely wasted it by obsessing over Clinton’s emails.


Andrea Mitchell spent over 12 minutes of the 29 minute plus interview asking about the emails. Mitchell’s follow-up question was about if Clinton is hurt by the claim that is not authentic and too lawyerly. Mitchell then asked a question about the political differences between Clinton and Vice President Biden.

Finally, at past the halfway point in the interview Mitchell asked Clinton about the Iran deal. Mitchell didn’t want to discuss important issues like war and peace, so she immediately asked a question about Donald Trump. Clinton had a great point about Trump by saying that it is unfortunate that Trump is running a campaign based on who he is against.

Mitchell asked a good question when she asked if the United States should do more about the Syrian refugee crisis. Clinton said that the world needs to come together and called on the Middle East to step up and help these people. Andrea Mitchell responded to an intelligent answer from Clinton by asking if the refugee crisis was an Obama policy failure.

The interview discussed issues at the 22-minute mark as Clinton asked about women’s rights. Andrea Mitchell couldn’t go too long without diving back into the emails. Five minutes later, she asked for Sec. Clinton if she was worried that 2016 was slipping away from her because of the email scandal.

MSNBC has been struggling in the ratings for years. They have been a rudderless network that is desperately looking for a direction. They landed an interview with the most well-known presidential candidate in either party and proceeded to blow the whole thing. Clinton has done so few national interviews that the sky was the limit as far as potentially interesting questions.

Instead, MSNBC stuck to a story that polling has demonstrated intrigues the media much more than it does voters. MSNBC could have been original and different, but viewers were subjected more babble about an issue that won’t decide the election in 2016.

MSNBC once was promising, but the direction has become a stale echo of the Republican talking point parrots on CNN and Fox News.


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