Bill Maher Annihilates Republicans By Debunking 11 Wrong GOP Predictions In 100 Seconds

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Saturday, September 19th, 2015, 11:31 am

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Bill Maher hit Republicans right in between the eyes with reality by debunking 11 predictions that the Republican Party got wrong in 100 seconds.

After asking why Meet The Press continues to have Dick Cheney on after he was wrong about Iraq, Bill Maher got to the meat of his commentary by running off a list of Republican lies and bad predictions.

Maher said:

During the last election Mitt Romney said, “If President Obama is elected you will not be able to get a job.” But unemployment is now lower than it ever was under Reagan. It’s Romney who can’t get a job.

Mitt also said if we bailed out the car companies you could kiss the American automotive industry goodbye. But we did bail them out, and it’s doing better than ever.

Donald Trump said Obamacare would be a job killer. But it didn’t kill jobs. It didn’t result in death panels. It didn’t bankrupt the states. It didn’t bankrupt the nation. It didn’t bankrupt Medicare. It didn’t bankrupt the insurance industry.

Here’s what actually happened. Insurance companies got richer; some black kids got inhalers, and John Boehner had to pay more taxes on his tan.

Or how about Newt Gingrich in 2012 saying if you want ten dollar a gallon gasoline, Barack Obama should be your candidate. Or the NRA president saying that a reelected Obama would erase the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights. Or Rick Santorum warning that if gay marriage became the law of the land our country will fall.

You know, for a party that’s so anti-gay, they sure pull a lot of stuff out of their ass.

The basis for the Republican Party’s comprehensive track record of being wrong about everything is their decision to oppose anything President Obama suggests. The Republican refusal to compromise combined with a failed social and economic ideology has created an inability for Republicans to be right.

The Republican refusal to recognize facts has left them living a parallel universe that is governed by their feelings and beliefs. Republicans can’t share common ground with the rest of us because they invent their own reality. Until Republicans decide to join the rest of us, they are going to be off on an island watching the rest of the world pass them by.

The United States is changing, evolving, and growing while the castaways on GOP island cling on to the past.

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