Democrats Save The USA As Majority Of Republicans Vote Against Keeping Government Open

Democrats Save The USA As Majority Of Republicans Vote Against Keeping Government Open

Pelosi and House Democrats

Democrats have saved the country from another crisis, as it was Democratic votes that kept the government open after a majority of House Republicans voted against the CR.

According to The Hill:

Congress is sending President Obama legislation to prevent a government shutdown following a 277-151 vote in the House that will keep federal agencies funded through Dec. 11.

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More Republicans voted against the spending bill than in favor of it, however.

Republicans objected to the inclusion of money for Planned Parenthood in the bill, leading 151 GOP lawmakers to vote against the bill, compared to only 91 who supported it.

Every Democrat voted in favor of the legislation.

Today’s vote was all about Democrats coming to the rescue of the American people by preventing a government shutdown. Without Nancy Pelosi’s leadership and ability to keep the Democratic caucus unified, the nation would be counting down the hours until the government shut down.

House Republicans have learned nothing from their previous mistakes. It took John Boehner’s retirement to put the wheels in motion for the government to remain open and funded. With Boehner leaving in a month, all bets are off as far as what will happen when the December 11 funding deadline rolls around.

Boehner and McConnell are trying to work out a two-year budget deal with the White House, but the odds of the deal getting done before the Speaker retires are slim at best. The odds are heavily weighed in favor of new Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) trying to bully the White House and Democrats by forcing a government shutdown before Christmas.

Democrats saved the country from disaster today, and it won’t be the last time that they will be called on to be the grown ups who are interested in governing. Gerrymandered districts are keeping House Republicans in power, but the American people need to understand who is saving them from economic despair.

House Democrats may not be in the majority, but in times of crisis they come through for the American people.

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