After Strong Iowa Debate GOP Pollster Warns That Hillary Clinton Will Not Be Easy to Beat

After Strong Iowa Debate GOP Pollster Warns That Hillary Clinton Will Not Be Easy to Beat

Frank Luntz, the guy who crafts talking points for Republicans and does polls, has a warning for Republican candidates after Saturday night’s Democratic debate: Hillary Clinton will not be easy to beat.

Luntz warned, “If GOP thinks Hillary is easily beatable, they’re wrong It’s not just words, but her tone & style are the best I’ve seen so far.”

While the beltway media thinks Clinton didn’t perform very well because of her 9/11 Wall Street answer (which didn’t poll well in spite of it actually having truth behind it, I guess only Republicans can use 9/11), in an Iowa focus group, Clinton won 23 to 10.

Luntz can be seen giving his opinion on Fox News and is known for winning the 2010 Lie of the Year award for saying Obamacare was a “government takeover”. Yes, he used to be great with crafting messages, but the Republican party has left his excellent advice in the dust as they’ve jumped the reality shark.

In 2013, Luntz tried to warn Republicans about the negative impact of their shock jocks, to no avail. Mother Jones exposed Luntz with a secret recording, when he thought he was speaking privately to students. He said:

And they get great ratings, and they drive the message, and it’s really problematic. And this is not on the Democratic side. It’s only on the Republican side…[inaudible]. [Democrats have] got every other source of news on their side. And so that is a lot of what’s driving it. If you take—Marco Rubio’s getting his ass kicked. Who’s my Rubio fan here? We talked about it. He’s getting destroyed! By Mark Levin, by Rush Limbaugh, and a few others. He’s trying to find a legitimate, long-term effective solution to immigration that isn’t the traditional Republican approach, and talk radio is killing him. That’s what’s causing this thing underneath. And too many politicians in Washington are playing coy.

So Luntz, while sort of an evil genius for tricking people into ignoring climate change, is not stupid. And once again he’s warning Republicans and once again, their hubris will ignore him because the conservative media refuses to broker any kind of criticism or call to reality.

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