Rupert Murdoch Says Make Exception For “Proven Christian” Refugees

Rupert Murdoch Says Make Exception For “Proven Christian” Refugees

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Rupert Murdoch is apparently doubling down on Jeb Bush’s call to admit only Christian refugees, with the difference being, according to Murdoch’s tweet last night, that they must be “proven Christians.” So like a really super special religious test of the sort rejected by the United States Constitution.

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Maybe Murdoch ought to stick to Australian politics. He clearly doesn’t get the United States, or what it’s about.

He says these insanely stupid things about refugees right after tweeting of the Democratic debate:

What’s funny about this is that Murdoch is the same guy supporting a dozen plus Republican lunatics for president, guys so afraid of a friendly media that they insist on doing a big infomercial on Fox to an actual debate.

It’s easy to see from this sort of nonsense why Fox News is so popular with conservatives, a group for whom thinking has become optional.

In fact, Murdoch himself can’t even read something without twisting the words all out of their original shape. Supposedly citing historian Niall Ferguson, he tweeted,

But Rome didn’t fall in 410. The city of Rome was sacked but that’s not the same thing, so there are no parallels at all with how Murdoch parsed this news. In fact, Ferguson said nothing of the sort in the Sunday Times. What the headline says is that “Like the Roman empire, Europe has let its defences crumble.”

Well, that is something we can at least discuss! Let’s face it though, Rome let all sorts of refugees inside its borders, Christians among them, like the dreaded Vandals, from whom we get the word “vandalism.” They were actually Christians, not nasty old Pagans.

The Goths who sacked Rome were Christians too, for that matter, as were many other “barbarians” crossing the borders. O, and those Christian Vandals subjected Rome to a far more fierce and destructive sack in 455.

I would take greater issue with Ferguson citing Edward Gibbon to begin his article, because that’s history with an 18th century slant, and as a historian, Gibbon has been superseded by new thinking on the collapse of Rome. Historians of Late Antiquity don’t talk anymore about a “fall” at all, but even they don’t say the Roman Empire “transitioned” itself out of existence as early as 410.

This complete divorce from reality we see in these tweets and part and parcel of how conservatives are determined to face reality, confronting fact with fiction. It is easy to see why Fox News dedicates itself to an alternate reality when it’s owner can’t find his own backside with both hands.

I don’t know how Murdoch proposes to separate out “proven” Christians from other Christians and probably he doesn’t know either, but the idea that some refugees are more deserving than others based on what they believe is obscene, and as President Obama has said, this thinking is not who we are as Americans.

But then, Rupert Murdoch is not an American, is he?

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