Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooter Taken Into Custody By Police

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Friday, November 27th, 2015, 7:26 pm

Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooter in custody

Colorado Springs police announce Planned Parenthood shooter is in custody.

The Colorado Springs Police Department announced at a press conference that the shooter at a Planned Parenthood clinic has been taken into custody.

The shooter has injured at least eleven people, including five police officers. Officials have no confirmation of fatalities, at this time.

Police were able to get inside of the building and got the shooter to surrender. Police have no information on the motive at this time.

Denver7 reported that a handcuffed man in white shirt was seen on the scene:

In the coming hours, the motive will be revealed, but logic suggests that when a man attacks a Planned Parenthood clinic his motive was likely related to the anti-choice movement.

The tragedy in Colorado Springs could serve as a reminder that heated political rhetoric carries consequences. Republicans have demonized Planned Parenthood as a get out the vote tactic for 2016, but their partisan political exploitation may have gotten at least 11 people shot.

The Colorado Police deserve praise for keeping a bad situation from being even worse, but anytime innocent people are shot it is a bad day for our country.

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