Bernie Sanders Demolishes Trump Supporter Who Made The Mistake Of Trying To Heckle Him

Bernie Sanders Demolishes Trump Supporter Who Made The Mistake Of Trying To Heckle Him

Trump supporter heckles Bernie Sanders

A Donald Trump supporter made the mistake of attempting to heckle Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders during a rally at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. The result left the Trump supporter demolished and showed the world the how low Trump supporters will go.


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The Sanders campaign provided a description of the heckling gone wrong:

During the early afternoon stop in Amherst, about 3,400 watched from inside the UMass Fine Arts Center and on a big-screen TV set up at an overflow area outside. As the senator was speaking about the collapse of the middle class in the United States and growing income and wealth inequality, he was interrupted by a man wearing a Donald Trump T-shirt. “Here’s a Trump supporter, worried about Mr. Trump’s money,” Sanders said as the man was ushered away. “I say to Mr. Trump and his supporters that the billionaires of this country will not continue to own this nation,” Sanders added as the crowd cheered.

A man wearing a Trump t-shirt and holding up a sign that said, “Obama is a Christian like Bruce Jenner is a woman” thought he was going to heckle Bernie Sanders.

If anyone had any questions about the sort of “political intellects” that Donald Trump is attracting to his campaign, let’s step back and examine this scene piece by piece.

1). This man believed President Obama is not a Christian.

2). He has an issue with transgender people.

3). He thought he could come to a Sanders rally and shout down a presidential candidate in front of thousands of supporters.

4). This man clearly believes that to “make America great,” again the country has to elect a rich white man with the intelligence of pillow lint.

In short, the guy who tried to heckle Sen. Sanders represented exactly the sort of voter that the Republican Party is attracting. Calling this person a low information voter might be an insult to real low information voters.

What Trump supporters don’t understand is that Donald Trump isn’t running for president to make America great for them. Trump is running for president to make America great for him.

The poor ignorant Trump supporter never had a chance against Bernie Sanders. Sen. Sanders was right. The poor white Republicans who are supporting Trump are being duped into voting against their own economic best interests. People like this heckler are voting with the billionaires who want to take away their jobs, healthcare, and right to earn a decent wage.

Sen. Sanders has previously expressed a belief that some of Trump’s supporters could be swayed into his camp, but the reality is that Donald Trump’s supporters are the most extreme voters in the Republican primary. They will never support Sanders, and the senator from Vermont might want to rethink the whole idea after he had to put a knuckle dragging Trump supporter out of his misery in Massachusettes on Saturday.

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