Bernie Sanders Praises Supporters Who Stood Up For Him At Trump Vermont Rally

Bernie Sanders Praises Supporters Who Stood Up For Him At Trump Vermont Rally


The Bernie Sanders campaign noticed those supporters who stood up for the Democratic presidential candidate during Donald Trump’s rally in Burlington, VT and are expressing their gratitude for having Bernie’s back.

During an interview on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, Sen. Sanders blasted Trump for only wanted like minded people to attend his rallies, ” Well, the idea that you would have running for president and the idea that you would only allow people to come into your meetings who support you, and if they are thinking about supporting you or if they don’t support you and they want to hear you, the idea that they can’t come in is something that I don’t think a presidential candidate should do. I think also, Andrea, the more people get to understand, you know, what Trump is about, and by the way, and I don’t say this thing lightly, I think he is a pathological liar.”

Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver was more specific during a conference call with PoliticusUSA and other reporters, “The people of Burlington I think spoke loudly and clearly about their support for Sen. Sanders and his agenda and it was very gratifying to see so many Vermonters standing up for Bernie when Trump came to Burlington. It is always very gratifying when people stand with you.”

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Sanders was correct. Trump’s demand that people who disagreed with him at his rally should have their coats confiscated and be thrown out into the cold represented a very un-American response to dissent. I suspect that Trump is worse than a pathological liar. He is a man who has no respect for other human beings. Trump is Mitt Romney on steroids. He can’t identify with the lives of regular Americans, and their struggles are no concern of his.

Trump intentionally provoked the confrontation with the audience by choosing to hold a rally in the backyard of Sen. Sanders. For a campaign that has been nothing short of lazy when it comes to hitting the road, it was a usual decision to hold an event in a small nothern state where Trump has zero chance of winning. The whole event appears to have been designed as an ego stroke for Donald Trump.

Many of the attendees made their voices heard as they stood up to reject the racism and bigotry that is the backbone of Trump’s campaign.

The Sanders campaign saw what their supporters did, and expression their appreciation and gratitude. When people spoke out at Trump’s rally, they weren’t just supporting Sanders. They were also rejecting everything that Trump stands for.

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