Donald Trump Hypocritically Accuses Ted Cruz of Hypocrisy

Donald Trump Hypocritically Accuses Ted Cruz of Hypocrisy

Donald Trump tweeted today that “Ted is the ultimate hypocrite. Says one thing for money, does another for votes.”

This is the same Donald Trump who said in 2012 that Hillary Clinton would make a fantastic president, and who now says she would make a terrible president. The same Trump who said people should leave Bill Clinton alone over his affair and who now attacks not only Bill Clinton for the affair, but blames Hillary for it.

Yes, the same Donald Trump who used to be a Democrat and who now is a Republican is accusing Ted Cruz of hypocrisy.

Trump cites a New York Times article from April, which illustrates Ted Cruz saying one thing to get money (in this case, from gay donors) and another for votes (denouncing gays in every manifestation).

Yes, Ted Cruz is a hypocrite. He has also denounced Wall Street while taking Wall Street money. Denounced so-called “New York values” while living those same New York values.

But Donald Trump is just as big a hypocrite, and doubles down on his hypocrisy by accusing Ted Cruz of being a hypocrite.

Who’s the bigger hypocrite? Socrates would say it doesn’t matter. Hypocrisy is hypocrisy, after all. The election will be decided on other issues, since Republicans don’t think hypocrisy is a sin. Indeed, without hypocrisy the Republican Party would disappear in a puff of logic.

You might remember how, as Bill Maher pointed out back in 2013, before Cruz’s run for president made it matter, it didn’t matter that Cruz had the same alleged problem as President Obama, but no Republican cared.

A year before that, Fox News was all about birtherism until birthers pointed their fingers at Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio. Since Trump turned on Cruz, Democrats have been having a good laugh, and will likely continue to do so as they continue pointing fingers at one another.

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are both phonies. They would both sell their souls to get ahead, and they have already thoroughly perjured themselves in the pages of history. Much as they try, Republicans have yet to find a way to re-write history. The best they can do is change it for those eager to be duped to preserve their own preconceptions.

It is a sign of just how far these two have sunk that that they can exchange these meaningless barbs. It is something more of an annoyance, however, when the ever in denial Cruz hypocritically says of Obama’s final SOTU that “@POTUS speech tonight was more of the same. It was less state of the union than it was a state of denial.”

These two could be talking about things that matter, but what’s the fun in that? Trading equally dishonest talking points is so much more productive according to the calculus of Republican math. If anyone knows about denial, it is Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.


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