Top Democrat Storms Fox News And Blows Up Plot To Revive Clinton Email Scandal

Top Democrat Storms Fox News And Blows Up Plot To Revive Clinton Email Scandal


Top House Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff (CA) went on Fox News Sunday and blew up their attempt to revive the Clinton email scandal by exposing Republican plot to bring down Hillary Clinton.

Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

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WALLACE: Congressman Schiff, I want to pick up on one thing that Senator Lankford said, the inspector general, Charles McCullough, who sent this information, and he wasn’t offering it, he was simply reporting what the intelligence community was saying, appointed by Barack Obama, confirmed unanimously by a Democratic-controlled Senate. He hardly seems like the right person for a political hit job.

SCHIFF: Well, I would say this, Chris, you’ve got several Republican chairs who are actively campaigning against Hillary Clinton and doing investigations of her at the same time. One of which went to a —

WALLACE: Charles McCullough isn’t. He was a — he was an Obama appointee.

SCHIFF: No, no, no. No, let me finish. One of which went to a Trump rally and said his purpose is to defeat Hillary Clinton. These are people who are conducting investigation in Congress of the secretary during the presidential campaign. So I think the inspector general has to be very careful not allow — not to allow him to be used by one political party against another during the presidential race. And I think the inspector general had to know or should know that when you put an unclassified form letter, you have to reasonably expect it’s going to be leaked. And that letter, I have to say, was gratuitous in the information it included. It could have transmitted the information from the intelligence community without commentary in it. But by putting that commentary in it, knowing it’s going to be leaked, I think the inspector general does risk his reputation. And once you lose that as inspector general, you’re not much good to anyone. So I think the inspector general has to be very careful here.


SCHIFF: No, there’s no evidence that there is. And I think you have to take attorney general — former Attorney General Mukasey’s comments as a Jeb Bush campaign adviser with a certainly grain of salt. When you consider the facts —

WALLACE: He is a federal judge.

SCHIFF: Well, he’s also working on one of Secretary Clinton’s opponents’ campaigns.

Fox News is trying to revive the Clinton email story because with Trump and Cruz leading the 2016 GOP field, the Republican Party is going to need a scandal to stop Hillary Clinton if she wins the Democratic nomination. Both Trump and Cruz are not the type of candidates who can win a general election. The best chance that Republicans have to win in November is to drag Clinton down with a scandal.

Rep. Schiff brought a rare dose of truth and facts to usual Fox News propaganda. Schiff did a good job of exposing the fact that the people who are pushing the email scandal also have a vested interest in the presidential election.

The Republican attempts to revive the dead Clinton email scandal highlight the close working relationship between conservative media, like Fox News, and the Republicans in Congress. Rep. Schiff brought up something that is never discussed in the media, and that is the people who are pushing this “scandal” are not objective sources.

Congressional Republicans and conservative media have used the same tactics to create a Benghazi scandal and a Planned Parenthood scandal. Rep. Schiff exposed the game that conservatives and their media are playing and derailed the Clinton email GOP/Fox News propaganda machine.

More Democrats need to exactly what Schiff did on Fox News Sunday and expose how conservative media and congressional Republicans work together to invent bogus scandals.

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