Here Are The Winners And Losers From The CNN Democratic Debate In Flint

Here are the winners and losers from the CNN Democratic debate in Flint, Michigan.

Here Are The Winners And Losers From The CNN Democratic Debate In Flint

Winners and Losers:


1). Hillary Clinton – Hillary Clinton had a good debate. Clinton doesn’t make mistakes. She doesn’t hurt herself. Clinton’s weakest answer was on releasing the transcript of her speeches to Goldman Sachs. One of her best points was that the gun lobby is a part of the money in politics. Clinton was ahead of Sanders on Flint from the beginning of the crisis becoming national news. Her point is that more is needed in Flint than getting rid of Gov. Snyder. Hillary Clinton has a double-digit lead in Michigan, and she did nothing at the debate to lessen her odds of victory on Tuesday.

2).Bernie Sanders – Sen. Sanders is still in the get to know me phase of his campaign. One of the best moments that Sen. Sanders had was when he discussed his work on civil rights and his arrest in Chicago for trying to desegregate that city’s public schools. Sanders did well in the debate when he shared stories about his personal experiences with race in the United States. For Bernie Sanders, the issues are politics. It was refreshing to hear Sanders make the campaign more personal. Sanders added a new dimension to his campaign that will definitely help him compete in states throughout the Democratic primary.

3). The People Of Flint – The people got the national stage that the Republican caused crisis in their city deserved. Sanders and Clinton talked about the problems in Flint with deep knowledge and details. Citizens of Flint were able to question the two candidates, and Democrats demonstrated more concern for the people of Flint and all of the other potential Flints in the country than Republicans offered in their scant discussion of the crisis during their recent debate in Detroit.

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Listen to Sarah Jones and Jason Easley discuss the Flint Democratic debate:


1). CNN – CNN had the opportunity to deliver a great public service, but ruined it by getting bored with the crisis in Flint after a single segment. Anderson Cooper tried throughout the debate to make news instead of informing voters. Cooper tried to create conflict between the two Democratic candidates.

Instead of a discussion on the issues, CNN tried to hijack the debate by creating division in the Democratic Party. CNN wasn’t brave enough to give Flint and the larger under-discussed issues the time they deserved. The Democratic presidential candidates are light years ahead of the childish Republican circus that is a disgrace to political discourse. CNN tried and failed to drag Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders down to the level of Republicans. It is CNN’s job to inform viewers, not to create controversy for entertainment purposes.

2). The Republican Party – If one watched the Republican debate in Detroit and the Democratic debate in Flint, it was clear that there is only one political party that is fit to govern. There were a few tense moments at the Democratic debate, but there was no name calling or discussion of “hand size,” or petty mudslinging. Viewers of the Democratic debate were treated to was a united political party with a clear vision of governing. While Republicans can’t get their act together, Democrats are gaining momentum towards keeping the White House.

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