Trump Needs To Learn How To Be and Act Like an American

Only an un-American can find no redeeming value in anything about the United States of America; as if he is a hostile foreigner or enemy of the state.

Trump Needs To Learn How To Be and Act Like an American

*The following is an opinion column by R Muse*

It should be self-evident, even to the typical conservative ignoramus, that just because a person is born in America they don’t automatically understand what it means to be or act like “an American.” Yesterday a reality and big-time wrestling celebrity swore to uphold a document he knows nothing whatsoever about, but that just makes him uniquely unqualified to take an oath of office or serve in any government position; like most of his Republican colleagues. No, what makes a swindler like Donald Trump ignorant of what it means to be an American is how he regards the American people and “their” country, and how he can find no redeeming value in anything about the United States of America as if he is a hostile foreigner or enemy of the state; something that is not out of the realm of possibility.

What set this rant off was first; dumb Donnie telling the American people how horrible America is because he was too busy “grabbing women by the pussy” and killing thousands of American manufacturing jobs instead of actually living in, experiencing, and contributing to America. America was great long before deficient Don came on the political scene or he would not be a wealthy elitist; America is particularly great for the particularly wealthy elite, so why Trump is claiming otherwise is a mystery. He definitely has no affinity or regard for America as a nation or its people he is already wreaking havoc on, and his agenda will make America anything but great.

He also claimed that “this American carnage stops here.” It is unclear exactly what kind of carnage the Trump was referring, but if it had anything to do with deadly violence, then the way to stop it is to get the stinking guns off the streets and for Republicans, including Trump, to stop pandering to the NRA and powerful gun industry. For one thing, America “remains far safer than it has been in generations after a decades-long decline in [violent] crime,” and the only carnage that has been evident over the past few years has come from law enforcement gunning down innocent and unarmed African Americans; something Trump and his Stasi and Gestapo “police state” supporters want to escalate with nationally-mandated stop and frisk racial profiling laws and a militarized police force.

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Second, and what makes Trump completely ignorant about what makes America great is his sick, twisted claim that what will make America great is the spectacle of parading its significant military might on the streets to intimidate the populace and show the world just how bad-ass America is with Trump in the place he certainly doesn’t belong; the White House.

What Trump will never comprehend about America, and what makes it great, is that it doesn’t have to parade its military might through the streets to show anyone it is great, is steadfast in its resolve, or that it has the military power to back up that resolve. Every nation on the planet knows America’s military might is unprecedented in world history and is the result of spending more on defense than the next ten largest militaries on the planet combined.

Many Americans have likely experienced those annoying little men with annoying little man-parts who need a BIG gun to make them feel relevant and empowered, or those tiny little guys with tiny little tools who drive a big truck to make them feel intimidating and powerful; that is not what it means to be American, great, or powerful. It may be the case that because Trump is one of those “teeny tiny tool” type guys that he thinks he will be feared and respected on the international stage if he parades tanks, missiles and soldiers up and down the streets of America, but he is as ignorant of history as he is about America or its Constitution.

It is true there have been authoritarian regimes that paraded their military might through city streets, but America never has, or had to, put on a showy display to demonstrate its greatness. Maybe Trump is thinking about how awesomely powerful and intimidating Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, North Korea or Italy under Mussolini were because they regularly brought out the big guns, missiles, soldiers, and tanks to show their “greatness,” but those nations never intimidated or impressed America or Americans.

In fact, America’s strength and power was in its patience and quiet resolve knowing that it didn’t have to parade its military wares on American streets to be great, powerful or to impress other nations it was not to be trifled with. Americans knew well, as did its enemies, that when it was needed, this country’s powerful military could and would unleashed Hell on the likes of those teeny, tiny little Trump types and pound them into submission or obliterate them out of existence; history bears out that fact about why America is great. It had nothing to do with marching soldiers and their military armament up and down the streets like a little punk-ass loudmouth driving a big truck with a big gun on a rack in the rear window for all to see.

About the only thing Trump knows about being “an American” was well-defined and portrayed in the political novel “The Ugly American” written by Eugene Burdick and William Lederer. The pejorativeugly American” indicates “loud, arrogant, demeaning, thoughtless, ignorant, and ethnocentric American citizens.” Of course “ugly American” is likely the best way to define a cretin like despicable Donald, but he does not represent the great majority of Americans. Before he can claim any relevancy in making America great or being a real American, Trump needs to sit down, shut his extraordinarily loud mouth, put his teeny, tiny, little hands in his lap and for the first time in his pathetic privileged existence learn what it means to be and act like an American. For reference dumb Donny can look back over the past eight years to learn how a really great American, Barack Hussein Obama, acted during his tenure as President.

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