Donald Trump Whines About Feeling No Love for First 100 Days

"No matter how much I accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, & it has been a lot (including S.C.), media will kill!"

Donald Trump Whines About Feeling No Love for First 100 Days

A morose and ego-bruised Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning to complain about his treatment at the hands of the press and about getting no love for all his “accomplishments” during his first 100 days:

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As you can see from the photo above, retweeted by Luke Skywalker himself, who knows a thing or two about evil rulers, Trump deserves all kinds of praise for his first 100 days.

The “ridiculous standard” Trump speaks of is the expectation that he actually do something beyond cheap publicity stunts and distractions from the Russia scandal that threatens to keep him from seeing a second 100 days.

If you want to see what Trump has been up to, Fox News is maintaining a day-by-day list of these “accomplishments”:

Accomplishments like “meeting with Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots” or “Attend[ing] Easter morning services with family at Bethesda by the Sea, an Episcopal church, near his south Florida resort home, Mar-a-Lago,” and “[Leaving] on Air Force One for Palm Beach, Florida.”

Just wow. I mean, WOW.

And don’t forget Trump’s private rich-people-only Easter egg hunt at his plush resort in Florida while stiffing the kids in D.C.:

One sees at once why Donald Trump feels he is getting no respect. After all, he only promises us a government by and for the people before filling the swamp he said he’d empty with the richest white guys in the country.

Oh, and taking every weekend off to golf – 18 golf trips in his first 12 weeks as president.

And then there is first selling out our country to Russia and then trying to hide it, abusing his presidential powers to quash any investigation. That’s an “accomplishment” of sorts.

You kinda sorta see where this is going.

Donald Trump hasn’t actually done much in his first 100 days and the things he has done haven’t been good, like trying to strip healthcare away from 24 million Americans or violating the Constitution by firing cruise missiles at Syria and threatening nuclear war with North Korea.

A tweet from author Brian Klaas puts Trump’s 100 days in perspective:

Well, he did accomplish one thing at least, having the lowest 100-day approval rating in the entire history of polling. Feel the love, Donald. You’ve earned it.

Photo: Twitter Mark Hamill @HamillHimself

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