Hillary Clinton Urges The Resistance To “Fight Back” Against “Shameful” GOP Health Care Crusade

Clinton encouraged Americans to support Democratic candidates in swing districts represented by Republicans who voted for Trumpcare.

Hillary Clinton Urges The Resistance To “Fight Back” Against “Shameful” GOP Health Care Crusade

Former Democratic nominee and 2016 popular vote winner Hillary Clinton spoke out on Thursday against what she called the “shameful” Republican effort to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and hurt millions of American families.

Clinton called today’s passage of Trumpcare a “failure of policy and morality” by Republicans.


Not only did Clinton’s tweet call out Republicans and urge Americans to “fight back” against the dangerous Republican health care plan, but she also encouraged them to support Democratic candidates in 35 swing districts represented by GOP representatives that voted in favor of Trumpcare.

Clinton spoke out just hours after Republicans in the House of Representatives voted by a slim 217-213 margin to approve the deadly legislation and send it the U.S. Senate, where it will almost certainly be dead on arrival.

Still, as the former Democratic nominee said, it’s critical that the resistance continues to put pressure on Republicans and shed light on just how damaging this legislation would be if it eventually makes it to Donald Trump’s desk and gets signed into law.

Not only would more than 20 million Americans lose coverage, but many more people would lose essential health benefits they rely on and see much higher costs – or no coverage at all – if they have a pre-existing condition.

Hillary Clinton may not be president, but she’s clearly happy to mobilize the millions of Americans who fueled her popular vote win against the Republican effort to destroy health care in America.


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