We’re Looking For A Few Good Bloggers At PoliticusUSA

It is time for all writers to come together to stand up and speak out. If you want to do your part to push back against Trump and the Republican agenda, write for PoliticusUSA.

We’re Looking For A Few Good Bloggers At PoliticusUSA

Part-Time Positions Open For Bloggers:

We are looking for some new bloggers to hire to help cover The Rachel Maddow Show, Real Time With Bill Maher, Last Week Tonight, the late-night comedy shows, and on the political side, Congress, including a House, and a Senate blogger, and for the weekends some opinion contributors.

All applicants must have:

• The ability to write, title, and edit their own copy.
• An understanding of the WordPress publication system.

All advertised non-opinion positions are paid for articles published on a flat rate basis along with performance bonuses.

Applicants must list which position they are applying for in the subject line of their email.

Please include with your email a resume, links to published work, and brief bio.

Minorities, women, and alternately-abled individuals are strongly encouraged to apply for these freelance positions.

Apply here:

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