Here’s The Proof That Trump Doesn’t Know What’s In His Own Tax Plan

Here’s The Proof That Trump Doesn’t Know What’s In His Own Tax Plan

Trump is giving speeches trying to sell his tax plan, but behind closed doors, the President has no idea what he is selling.

Bloomberg reported:

Months after the White House proposed ending a tax break for people in high-tax states, President Donald Trump grew angry when he learned that the change would hurt some middle-income taxpayers, according to two people familiar with his thinking.


Trump’s White House first proposed ending the SALT deduction in April, in a one-page outline of the president’s tax goals. Its repeal is estimated to generate about $1.3 trillion over 10 years, making it an important way to help pay for the business and individual tax-rate cuts Trump and congressional leaders propose.

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It’s not clear why the president didn’t know the implications of the SALT deduction for middle-class taxpayers when the plan was released.

It is crystal clear why Trump didn’t know that his tax plan raised taxes on middle-class people. Donald Trump is not involved with the policymaking and day to day operations of his administration. Trump has no clue what was in the one page reveal, because he didn’t write it, read it, or have any knowledge of it. All Trump knew was that they were releasing his plan. He didn’t know what the plan was.

It may help some people sleep better at night to think that Mike Pence, Mattis, and Kelly are really in charge, but the emerging of the Trump administration suggests that no one is in charge. The Trump White House is governed by the whims of an out of touch senior who gets his information from Fox News. If you have a relative who watches Fox News and ruins the holidays by incorrectly ranting about what they see around the dinner table, that relative is now the President Of The United States.

Trump doesn’t know what is in any of “his” policies because he doesn’t read them. The Republican Party thought they were getting a rubber stamp figurehead, but they ended up with is an unhinged president who is obsessed with ending democracy.

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