Follow The Live Election Results In Key New Jersey and Virginia Governor Races

Follow The Live Election Results In Key New Jersey and Virginia Governor Races

Will Democrats Ralph Northam and Phil Murphy win gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey? You can find out the answer to this question and more by following our live election results.

Polls close in Virginia at 7 PM ET and 8 PM ET in New Jersey.

Virginia exit polls show signs of a close race via CNN:

A plurality, almost four in 10 voters, say health care was the most important issue to their vote, stretching 20 percentage points ahead of gun policy, immigration and taxes, each selected by roughly one in six voters. Six in 10 voters say they would like to see Confederate monuments left in place. Trump has been publicly supportive of keeping Confederate monuments in place.

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Republicans look at those numbers on the Confederate monuments and see good news for Ed Gillespie. Democrats look at Trump’s approval rating and the dominance of the health care issue in voters minds and see great news for Northam, but what the exit poll signals is the possibility of a very close election.

Update 7:17 PM ET: With less than 1% reporting Gillespie leads Northam 52.9%-46%.

Update: 7:20 PM ET: With 2.69% of the vote in, Northam leads Gillespie 50.05%-48.82%.

The New York Times live model forecasts Northam with a small advantage.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, it will be an absolute shock if Phil Murphy doesn’t run away with governor’s race.

Update: With 4.68% reporting Gillespie leads Northam 50.68%-48.23%

Live coverage from ABC News:

The New York Times live model projects a Northam victory 4.1%.

Update: With 11.46% reporting, Gillespie leads Northam 49.87%-49.05%

Update: 7:35 PM ET: with 19.37% reporting Northam leads 50.1%-48.7%

Update: Democrat Phil Murphy has won in New Jersey.

Update: With 40.92% in Northam leads 51.2% to 47.7%.

Update:7:40 PM ET: With 24.43% reporting Northam leads 50.92%-48%

Update: 7:46 PM ET: Northam leads 50.5%-48.3% with 29.35% reporting

Update: 8:03 PM ET: With 45.75% of the vote in Northam leads 51%-47%.

Update:8:05 PM ET: With 51.91% in, Northam leads 51%-47%.

Update: 8:10 PM ET Northam leads 51.5%-47.3% with 57.79% reporting.

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