House Republican Calls On The Senate To Expel Roy Moore If He Wins The Election

House Republican Calls On The Senate To Expel Roy Moore If He Wins The Election

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) is calling on the Senate to refuse to seat or expel Roy Moore if he wins the special Senate election in Alabama.

Video of Kinzinger on The Lead with Jake Tapper:

Kinzinger said, “I think Roy Moore needs to step aside now. These allegations are disgusting, and I believe them against him, and there’s no way to defend this, and secondly, I think the Senate should say that they will refuse to seat him or in fact expel him if he is the Senator from Alabama. Look, Alabama has right to pick their Senators, but this beyond the pale to have this kind of contact with somebody when they were 14 years old. I don’t care how long ago it was. He was an adult, and there could be more information coming forward. Who knows? But this is a bridge too far and the Republican Party ought to disown every aspect of him.”

Is it really that difficult for Republicans to say that a man who had sexual contact with underage girls should not be in the United States Senate?

Roy Moore should not be representing the Alabama or the United States in the Senate. Roy Moore is a morality test for a Republican Party that had already failed badly when it came to Donald Trump. The only thing that matters to Republicans is passing tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. Who cares if they have to have a child molester in the Senate? As long as the child molester is going to vote for cutting the taxes of the wealthiest Americans, they will happily look the other way.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger isn’t turning a blind eye to what is happening to his party. Kinzinger said what Mitch McConnell and every other Senate Republican should have said as soon as this scandal broke.

Roy Moore doesn’t belong in the US Senate and neither does any Republican who turns a blind eye to his potential crimes.

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