Rep. Adam Schiff Lowers The Boom On Trump And Makes His Russia Nightmares Come True

Rep. Adam Schiff Lowers The Boom On Trump And Makes His Russia Nightmares Come True

The man who will be in charge of the Russia investigation if Democrats take back the House, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), lowered the boom on Trump by saying that his Russia denials aren’t fooling anyone and that the President is incapable of putting America first.

In a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, Schiff responded to Trump’s new round of Russia election interference denials:

Today, President Trump said he would accept Putin’s denials of Russian meddling in our election, over the solid evidence of our own intelligence agencies. He lamented that even raising the issue was insulting to Putin. And instead of criticizing the Russian leader for the audacity of his interference and denials, he attacked Directors Brennan, Clapper and Comey as ‘political hacks.’

But the President fools no one. He understands that the Russians intervened through the hacking and dumping of his opponent’s emails, the fruits of which he exploited time and again on the campaign trail. He understands that they mounted an unprecedented effort on social media to help him, hurt Clinton and divide and damage the country he is now supposed to serve. He understands that Russian television stations trumpeted his candidacy, even while they tore at Clinton. And he understands that his victory was razor thin, and all protestations to the contrary, he lost the popular vote.

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He understands all this and more. He just doesn’t understand how to put country over self. Or to put it in terms he is more familiar with — Mr. Trump simply can’t bring himself to put America first.

Adam Schiff is Trump’s worst nightmare on the Russia scandal. He is a determined former prosecutor, who is seeing through the smokescreens and denials that Trump is putting forward. Rep. Schiff is relentlessly digging for the truth. On his most diehard supporters believe Trump when he states that Putin didn’t interfere with the election. Schiff perfectly described Trump.

One of the biggest potential consequences of Democrats taking back the House is Trump will be fully investigated, and Adam Schiff is the man who will be leading the investigation.

Donald Trump is already scared, but the prospect of Adam Schiff running the investigation should leave him terrified.

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