Sarah Palin’s Ahmadinejad Gaffe

ImageSarah Palin and John McCain were both interviewed on the NBC Nightly News tonight. Anchor Brian Williams asked Palin what she meant by Obama wanting to sit down with dictators without preconditions. Palin mentioned Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The problem is that Ahmadinejad isn’t a dictator.

Obama Robocall Blasts McCain’s Sleazy Campaign

Obama Robocall Blasts McCain’s Sleazy Campaign

ImageThe presidential campaign of Barack Obama has today unveiled a new robocall to counter the calls sponsored by John McCain and the RNC that link the Democrat to terrorists and terrorism. The calls slams McCain for using hateful and sleazy phone calls and mail.

Poll: Age, Judgment, and Palin Power Obama to a 14 Point Lead

ImageToday the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press released their latest national polls, which shows Barack Obama leading John McCain by 14 points, 52%-38% with registered voters. While voters are become more confident in Obama, they are questioning McCain’s judgment, and age, while Sarah Palin continues to drag the GOP ticket down.

Palin: The Presidency is Not A Place for On The Job Training

ImageIn Reno, NV today Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin made the argument that Obama is too inexperienced to handle a foreign policy crisis. She used Joe Biden’s the presidency doesn’t lend itself to on the job training line against Obama. I guess Palin’s point could also extend to inexperienced running mates of 72 year old presidential candidates.

Rush Limbaugh Continues His Attacks on Colin Powell

ImageToday on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh continued his attacks on Colin Powell. In Limbaugh’s mind Powell’s endorsement was about race, and pressure from the black elites in the Democratic Party. Limbaugh also made the claim that as Sec. of State, Powell damaged the Bush administration.

Plumber’s Non Helper: Obama Leads By 9 in OH, Tied in MO

ImageTwo new Suffolk University polls of Ohio and Missouri released today show Barack Obama leading John McCain 51%-42% in Ohio, and the race statistically tied in Missouri, where McCain holds a 46%-45% lead. Interestingly, Joe the Plumber is now famous, but providing little help to McCain with voters.


ImageIt is well known that the selection by Democrats of Barack Hussein Obama to be their candidate in the fast approaching 2008 United States presidential election made history.

He is the first African-American presidential nominee, and – if polling continues as is – will be the first black president.

It is also well known that race, heritage, and religion have all reared their heads into the campaign in the ugliest, bigoted of fashions.

In Endorsing Obama, Powell Rejects McCain and the GOP

In Endorsing Obama, Powell Rejects McCain and the GOP

ImageColin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama today was not a big surprise. He has been hinting at it for months. The shock is in how deeply a man who was Secretary of State a few years ago has broken with his own party. Powell not only rejected McCain/Palin but the entire direction of the GOP.

McCain Lawyer Brings Up Obama’s Drug Use

McCain Lawyer Brings Up Obama’s Drug Use

ImageIn reaction to a piece that mentioned Cindy McCain’s pain killer addiction in today’s New York Times, her lawyer wrote to the paper and asked why they have not investigated Obama’s drug use, and why Obama hasn’t “rescued” his family from Kenya.

Obama, Ayers and ACORN: The Desperation of McCain

ImageWell, we are done with the final debate between the candidates and going down the home stretch towards Election Day. And it looks to me like McCain and his campaign are making every possible dumb move that can be made, and no Rovian tactic can help them. In fact, it is the Rove-like maneuvers that are hurting McCain/Palin in the eyes of the American people.

Palin: Obama Loves America

ImageThe mixed messages continue to fly out of the McCain campaign today. In Muncie, IN, vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin told reporters that she has no doubt that Barack Obama loves America. Didn’t she just call Obama a terrorist a couple of weeks ago?

Cindy McCain Attacks Michelle Obama’s Patriotism Again

Cindy McCain Attacks Michelle Obama’s Patriotism Again

ImageToday, at the Miami, FL McCain rally, Cindy McCain revived her attack on Michelle Obama’s patriotism by saying, “And yes, I have always been proud of my country.” You can always tell when a political campaign is desperate because they try to resuscitate old attacks that they believe worked in the past.

McCain: Obama Smeared Joe the Plumber

ImageToday, during a speech in Miami, FL, John McCain blamed Barack Obama for smearing Joe the Plumber. McCain claims that instead of answering Joe’s question Obama attacked him. The problem is that the Obama campaign hasn’t said anything about Joe the Plumber, and the attacks have been facts.

Poll: Obama Is Winning the Personality and Values Contest

ImageThe latest AP-Yahoo News poll was released today and it confirms what many election watchers already know. John McCain’s negative campaign against Barack Obama has completely backfired. Carrying out a negative campaign when McCain isn’t well liked has resulted in Obama’s favorables going up, and McCain’s going down.

McCain Robocalls Deliver Obama-Ayers Smear

ImageIgnoring all signs that their negative campaign against Barack Obama is backfiring, John McCain and the Republican Party continue to try to label their opponent as a terrorist by using robocalls in swing states like Virginia, Maine, Florida, Missouri, and North Carolina. There is also a direct mail piece from the Republican Party in Virginia that links Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden.

McCain Hints at Campaigning with Joe the Plumber

ImageIn an interview with Fox News today, John McCain hinted that he could be soon campaigning with Joe the Plumber. The problem for McCain is that his latest gimmick held a press conference today where he sounded less like a concerned middle class citizen, and more like an empty headed neo-con.

The Obama Plan to Stay Aggressive

ImageEver the cautious candidate, Barack Obama warned his supporters at a fundraising breakfast today not to get too cocky about their lead over John McCain, but due to his lead, Obama does have a chance to extend his campaign into more red states, to potentially give himself a mandate and extend the Democratic congressional majority.