Glenn Beck Omits the Real Reason Why He is Attacking Van Jones

On CNN’s Reliable Sources today, host Howard Kurtz called out Glenn Beck for failing to mention the real reason why he has been attacking Obama advisor Van Jones on his show. Kurtz pointed out that Beck has failed to mention that Jones is also the co-founder of ColorofChange, the group that is leading the advertiser boycott of his show.

Kerry: Dick Cheney Doesn’t Respect the Constitution

Senators John Kerry (D-MA) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT) were on ABC’s This Week today where Kerry unloaded on former vice president Dick Cheney after Cheney blasted the decision to investigate CIA interrogation abuses. Kerry said, “Dick Cheney has shown through the years, frankly, a disrespect for the Constitution, for sharing of information with Congress…”

Healthcare Opponents Quickly Exploit Ted Kennedy’s Death

Since Sen. Ted Kennedy’s death, the cry from the right wing has been that Democrats are going to exploit his death to pass healthcare reform, but it turns out that is the opponents of heathcare reform that are doing the exploitation. Dick Morris’ group the League of American Voters is using Kennedy’s death to raise funds to fight reform.

Almost Half of Town Hall Protesters Can’t Find Iraq on a Map

The Omaha City Weekly recently went to Sen. Ben Nelson’s town hall meeting and conducted an interesting experiment. They asked 40 attendees who were pro-healthcare reform, and 40 who were anti-reform to find Iraq on a map. While 75% of those who favor reform could locate Iraq, 52.2% of those who are anti could not.

Advertiser Boycott Sends Glenn Beck’s Paranoia into Overdrive

The massive exodus of advertisers from Glenn Beck’s television show appears to be taking its toll on the host. Beck went on a paranoid rant about Media Matters and liberal bloggers attacking him. Beck said, “What they have to do is break my legs. What they have to do is silence me. What they have to do is Sarah Palin me.

List of Advertisers Who Have Dropped Glenn Beck Balloons to 46

Ten more companies have joined the Color of Change boycott against Glenn Beck’s Fox News program. The additions to the list include Applebee’s, DirecTV, Travelers Insurance, Kraft, and Vonage. This now brings the total number of advertisers who have dropped Beck to 46 since he called President Obama a racist.

Wolf Blitzer Thinks That John McCain Will Be the New Ted Kennedy

Sometimes you really have to wonder what planet CNN’s Wolf Blitzer lives on. On his show The Situation Room, Blitzer put forth the thought that John McCain could become the new Ted Kennedy in the United States Senate. Blitzer seemed to ignore the fact that McCain has gotten more bitter and partisan since he lost the election to Obama.

Palin Bails on Another Speech

For weeks the conservative Alaska Family Council has been promoting that Sarah Palin will appear at an event for an anti-choice statewide ballot measure. At the last moment Palin canceled on them by claiming that she was never invited. This marks the fourth time this year that Palin has committed to an appearance, and then backed out at the last moment.

Beck Moans That Democrats Are Exploiting Ted Kennedy’s Death

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck echoed the fear of the right wing that Ted Kennedy’s death will lead to passage of heathcare bill. Beck said, “To honor Ted Kennedy, they are going to pass healthcare reform, not to exploit, not to capitalize on his death.” No Glenn, exploitation is something like using 9/11 to invade Iraq. This is a tribute.

Lou Dobbs Show: The Public Option Would Have Killed Ted Kennedy

It took less than a day for right wing talk radio to turn Ted Kennedy’s death into an argument against the public option. While filling in for Lou Dobbs on his radio show Tom Marr said, “Yes there will be bureaucrat saying no, 77 brain tumor, bye-bye. Get the pills ready, get the pain killers ready.” Of course, this is a complete lie.

Howard Dean on Ted Kennedy and the Future of Heathcare Reform

Former DNC chairman Howard Dean talked today about healthcare reform and the death of Ted Kennedy. Dean wrote, “When President Obama signs a Health Care Reform bill late this year, Ted Kennedy’s may not be standing there next to him, but his presence will be deeply apparent in the Oval Office as the President’s pen moves across the page.”

Bill O’Reilly Declares the Commerce Clause and the US Constitution BS

On his FNC show tonight Bill O’Reilly declared that the government does not have the right to force a person to buy health insurance. After asking for the definition of the Commerce Clause O’Reilly said, “This is total BS. This is why people hate lawyers. This is nuts.” Bill-O, constitutional scholar, thinks the constitution and the Commerce Clause are BS.

Shep Smith: Viewers Should Google Instead of Watching Fox News

On his FNC show Studio B with Sheppard Smith today, host Shep Smith went against the Fox News definition reconciliation as the nuclear option by explaining what it really involves, then he added, “If you are interested in this matter of reconciliation…you should go to Google and Google it…do your own research.”

Rush Limbaugh Responds to Getting Dissed By Jay-Z

On his radio show today Rush Limbaugh responded to getting called out by Jay-Z on his recently leaked track Off That. Jay-Z told Rush to get off his balls, but Rush turned this into an attack on Obama. He said, “If we need to save our penises from anybody, it’s Obama.”I don’t think Limbaugh realized that he was dissed.

A Vacation Hasn’t Stopped Advertisers from Fleeing Glenn Beck

In response to the boycott campaign applied to Glenn Beck’s advertisers after the host called President Obama a racist by Color of Change, Fox News tried to cool things off by sending the controversial host on vacation. The result is that 16 more advertisers left Beck’s show while he was gone, which means that the strategy was a complete failure.

Glenn Beck Returns and Calls MSNBC Racist

Glenn Beck returned to his radio show today, and continued to play the race card, except now he has labeled MSNBC a racist network, because the network was talking about the angry white crowds protesting healthcare reform. We have one black guy with a gun, among a crowd of white faces, but MSNBC is racist.