Lou Dobbs Calls MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow A Liar and the Tea Bagging Queen

On his radio show today Lou Dobbs took shots at both FNC’s Gerald Rivera and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow for disproving his birther claims. Dobbs called Rivera, “severely intellectually challenged,” and Maddow a leftist lady “tea bagging queen who twisted his words.” He also called her a liar. Somehow, I don’t think Maddow is much into tea bagging.

Limbaugh Tells Old People they will Be Euthanized under Obama Healthcare

Today on his radio show Rush Limbaugh, went into full let’s scare some old people about healthcare mode, as he told his elderly listeners that their medical costs were too high. “Limbaugh said people at a certain age with certain diseases will be deemed not worth the investment…” He laid out his vision of stopping healthcare by mobilizing the elderly against it.

Glenn Beck Tries to Scare Whites by Labeling Obama a Racist

Glenn Beck showed up on FNC’s Fox and Friends today to declare that President Barack Obama is a guy who has exposed himself as a guy who has a deep seated hatred for white people and white culture. Beck said, “I am not saying he doesn’t like white people…I believe this guy is a racist.” In the end, this is just more race based politics from Beck, FNC, and the GOP.

Senate Judiciary Approves Sotomayor

I don’t know about you, but I’m just sittin’ here imagining the horrors that will be bestowed upon this great nation when empathy is brought to the bench. And not just empathy, my fellow real Americans, but empathy with a point of view, other than rich white man (or Other masquerading as such).

Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann Caters to the Birthers…sort of

They were literally seconds from accomplishing the vote, so they could move to more important things. Things like Republican Thadeus McCotter’s bill to force President Obama to apologize (down on your knees, boy!) — clearly a much better use of their time; Michigan must be so proud — when at the very last second, Republican Rep. Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann tried to be a “good Republican” (oxymoron or just moron?) who would save the birthers by blocking the vote! Go, Michelle!!

GOP’s Sen. Inhofe Claims that Using Oil and Gas Doesn’t Create Pollution

Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) took to the Senate floor today to make a statement that even by his lofty standards was out there. Inhofe claimed that using oil and gasoline doesn’t create pollution. The senator said, “Their argument there is “Well, we don’t want to use oil and gas because we think it pollutes” — which it doesn’t.” I guess Exxon bought his common sense along with his vote.

Even Ann Coulter Believes that Barack Obama is a Citizen

Ann Coulter was recently on FNC’s Geraldo at Large where she said that Lou Dobbs is wrong about President Obama’s citizenship. “I do want to point out that every conservative publication dealt with this, and said that there was nothing to this.” Coulter called the birthers just a few cranks out there. Strange days have come indeed.

Paranoid Beck Claims that Obama and ACORN are coming to Silence Him

Today on his radio show Glenn Beck went on a full blown paranoia bender by claiming that ACORN and Barack Obama are coming to silence him. Beck said, “I fear that there will come a time when I cannot say things that I am currently saying. I fear that it will come to television and to radio, and I will stop saying these things. “

Senate Democrats Claim Not To Have the Votes to Pass Healthcare Reform

Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND) was on ABC’s This Week program today when he made the claim that the Democrats 60 Senate votes is not enough to get healthcare reform passed. Conrad said that it is not possible for the Democrats to pass this bill for themselves, but then he added what is like the real reason. It would be more desirable to pass a bill with GOP support.

While arguing against it, Bachmann Calls Public Option Better and Cheaper

Yesterday, Rep. Michele Bachmann was trying to explain to the group The Conservative Women’s Network the dangers of healthcare reform, but she made public healthcare sound pretty good. She argued that the government can provide health insurance that is nearly 30%-40% cheaper and, “It will probably offer equal or better benefits than any plan, but cheaper.”

Southern Poverty Law Center Calls for CNN’s Lou Dobbs to be taken off the Air

The president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, J. Richard Cohen wrote a letter to CNN president Jonathon Klein calling for Lou Dobbs to be taken of the air for spreading racist conspiracy theories about Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Cohen wrote, “Respectable news organizations should not employ reporters willing to peddle racist conspiracy theories and false propaganda.”

Beck: Healthcare Reform Would Allow People to Sue Doritos

On his FNC show yesterday, Glenn Beck made the claim that Obama’s goal is to create a new America to settle old racial scores. Beck focused on the Office of Minority Health. He said, “Let’s say minorities eat more Doritos, so it there’s more heart disease. Wouldn’t this lead to more lawsuits and litigation against Doritos?” Beck is worried about Doritos instead of healthcare, enough said.

Birther G. Gordon Liddy Calls Obama an Illegal Alien

Right wing talk show host G. Gordon Liddy was on Hardball today claiming that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. Liddy said that Obama’s parents intentionally posted a false birth announcement in the Hawaii newspaper, and that Obama is an illegal alien. Host Chris Matthews smashed through this crack pot theory. Check out the video.

Beck Calls Those Who Don’t Buy COBRA Coverage Stupid and Cheap

On his radio show today Glenn Beck launched into a full blown defense of the healthcare industry, by calling COBRA the healthcare safety net. Beck called the middle class college graduate from Maryland that President Obama referred to in his remarks last night cheap and stupid for not having COBRA. Beck has no idea how expensive COBRA coverage is.

Beware! Glenn Beck is Armed at the Movies

On his Fox News Channel program today, Glenn Beck lamented the defeat of an amendment that would have allowed people with concealed carry gun permits to carry their guns across state lines. Beck went into his love of guns and said, “I went to the movie this weekend with a gun. And surprise, surprise, I didn’t kill anybody!”

Chris Matthews: The GOP is trying to De-Americanize Obama

Hardball host Chris Matthews was on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports where he brought up an interesting point about the GOP’s motivation behind their pushing of the conspiracy theory that Obama isn’t a citizen. Matthews said that the GOP is using an old nasty trick to de-Americanize a guy with a different name.