Obama Camp Calls Inflation Increase Shocking

ImageThe Obama campaign released a statement this morning that said called the rise of inflation to its highest rate in 17 years shocking. They also criticized John McCain for opposing short term economic relief. A new Labor Department study released today revealed that inflation has risen 5.6% over the past year, and is now at its highest levels since 1991.

Even Dick Cheney’s Friends Support Obama

ImageFormer Republican Rep. Jim Leach of Iowa is hosting a conference call today to kick off the Republicans for Obama campaign. The twist to this story is that Leach is a long time friend of Vice President Dick Cheney, and a supporter of campaign finance reform.

Sebelius Hints at Obama VP Pick

ImageBarack Obama has always said that he will not wait until the Democratic National Convention to name his Vice Presidential nominee. His camp has consistently intoned that a VP candidate will be clearly presented to the American people before the convention occurs to serve as a signal of the kind of presidency and administration he will have.

Obama Speaks About the Georgia-Russia Conflict

ImageDemocratic presidential candidate Barack Obama put out a statement condemning Russia for their escalation of the conflict with Georgia. “No matter how this conflict started, Russia has escalated it well beyond the dispute over South Ossetia and invaded another country.

The Deeper Meaning of Obama’s Embrace Ad

The Deeper Meaning of Obama’s Embrace Ad

ImageThe campaign of Barack Obama unveiled a new ad today that sought to turn the celebrity charge leveled against him by John McCain on its ear. The ad features shots of McCain on The View, Saturday Night Live, Leno, and Letterman, but the beneath the celebrity charge is a very clever ad that ties McCain to the politics of old.

Bob Barr Criticizes Bungled Maryland Police Raid

ImageLibertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr released a statement today criticizing the bungled police raid of the mayor’s home in Berwyn Heights, Maryland. He said that no knock raids are unconstitutional, and that law enforcement has become arrogant and less accountable.

Hillary Clinton Supporters Get Their Show of Respect

ImageWith the announcement Sunday night that Hillary Clinton will be the headline speaker for the second night of the 2008 Democratic convention, perhaps the few disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters will stop whining about the lack of respect they have been getting from the Obama campaign.

Obama Ad Slams McCain on Yucca Mountain

ImageIn a new television ad for the state of Nevada, the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama criticized John McCain’s support of opening up Yucca Mountain as storage facility for nuclear waste. The ad hit McCain hard saying that he supports nuclear waste in Nevada, but not in his own backyard of Arizona.

Here is the ad:

Edwards: I started to believe that I was special

Edwards: I started to believe that I was special

ImageLate today, John Edwards released a very open and blunt statement about his affair. He said that over the course of his campaigns he became egotistical and narcissistic. He also told people that they should feel free to beat him up over this, because he already has. This definitely was not the typical damage control statement from a politician.

John Edwards Admits Affair to ABC News

ImageIn an Interview that will air on ABC’s Nightline tonight, John Edwards admits that he lied about an extramarital affair during his 2008 presidential campaign, but stands by his statement that he did not father a child with his mistress. Is this the end of Edwards’s political career?