The Political Apocalypse is Coming As the GOP Guns for Palin

Palin’s most powerful nemesis, McCain/Palin campaign strategist Steve Schmidt, will soon return the fire Palin unloaded on him from her book, “Going Rogue”. Operation Palin Apocalypse officially commences Sunday night when Schmidt appears on 60 minutes. The only question remaining is how low will they go? This is the GOP after all. The party of Rovian election tactics.

Pallin’ Around with Monsanto

There’s an email going around spreading fear into the hearts of home gardeners across America…People who love to garden or finally resorted to gardening to avoid food poising from our less-than regulated food supply courtesy of the under-staffed Bush FDA are now terrified that the Food Police are coming to our backyards to dig up our heirloom tomatoes and force us to eat hormone-injected, dyed-red tomatoes that taste like plastic.

Obama’s Biggest Challenge: Healthcare Reform

ImageWith the return of Sen. Red Kennedy to the Hill today, we are reminded that healthcare reform will be not only a prominent issue, but also it could be the biggest challenge that President Obama will face. Here are some of the pitfalls, and possibilities for healthcare reform.

Pelosi Slams the GOP on Offshore Drilling

Pelosi Slams the GOP on Offshore Drilling

ImageNancy Pelosi was on ABC’s This Week and she blasted the Republican offshore drilling plan as decoy. Pelosi was asked why she won’t allow a straight up or down vote on offshore drilling. She said that Republicans are misleading the American people.

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