Nuns Diss Bishops by Supporting Healthcare: Only Fake Christians Left

Nuns Diss Bishops by Supporting Healthcare: Only Fake Christians Left

The Nuns have came together to say they care MORE about pragmatic reality, MORE about helping people, MORE about correcting the unjust practices in the current healthcare system than they do obeying the patriarchs of the Catholic Church, who are cynically catering to political powers. This is a gift to humanity, the women’s movement, social justice, Democrats, and certainly Jesus if one believes.

Domestic Violence Victims Denied Health Insurance by GOP Senators

Domestic Violence Victims Denied Health Insurance by GOP Senators

Let’s say you were going to cast a Republican Clown Show of Hypocrites who ran on “Family Values” whilst cheating on their wives and voting against women’s rights at every turn.

Let’s imagine this is the most ridiculous Clown Show ever… so bad that these Republican Clowns actually voted against protecting battered women from being cut off from health insurance access. Yes, let’s pretend that they actually voted to ensure that in nine states, health insurance companies could tell a woman who has been battered that she has a pre-existing condition.

Healthcare Summit Turning into another Obama Slaughter of the Congressional GOP

Healthcare Summit Turning into another Obama Slaughter of the Congressional GOP

Congressional Republicans and Democrats have converged on the White House for a day long summit on healthcare reform with President. If you thought that the Republicans would learn from the beating that Obama gave the House GOP when he spoke to them at their retreat a few weeks ago, you were wrong. Republicans are still sticking to their talking while letting the president make the case for healthcare reform.

Superman Obama Finds Bush’s Kryptonite Emails

The old right wing knows how to play the left’s justified concern over justice, truth and transparency to a t! Oh, I’m sure the unplanned delay of the announcement wasn’t politically motivated. LOL. I mean, just because everything else in the Bush Justice Dept was is no reason to think….Sure, many of the same people who were illegally appointed under Bush are still in the DoJ. But I’m still sure it’s all Obama’s fault, even if he fixed it.

“How Can They Do That?”; A Progressive Responds Regarding Nobel Peace Prize Committee’s Choice

People don’t seem to get the origin of the Nobel Peace Prize, because all over the internet, you will read:

“How can they do that?”

They can do that because that was the intention of the prize….from the beginning. And it is THEIR prize. It is privately funded. They can do whatever they want. It was intended for visionaries, not necessarily an “accomplishment”.

After all, peace starts as a belief. Having the vision for a nuclear free world is huge. It starts there. Did W have that commitment? did John McCain? No. Even Hilary Clinton didn’t embrace peace as the ideal the way Obama did and does. So, it is rather special, in point of fact.

The “Right” Align with Taliban in Opposition to President Obama Winning Nobel Peace Prize

Obama Wins the Nobel Peace Prize and the “Right” Align Themselves with Taliban in Opposition to US President. The self-described “conservatives”/aka, hatriots can’t feel proud of their country if it means anything good for their President. Now, at last, the GOP has aligned themselves with the Taliban for all to see.

Republicans Impose Their “Decider” Approach re Afghanistan Strategy

Republicans are insinuating that Obama’s “delay”, aka, seeking input from naysayers and congress before making a decision regarding strategy in Afghanistan, is indicative of weakness on Obama’s part. Apparently, Republicans have been suppressing Congressional War Powers and the Constitution for so long now that they just assume it’s a given that everyone does so, and failure to do so is smugly rebranded as “delay”.

Republicans Only Plan is To “Kill ObamaCare”

Republicans have sold the meme that they just need more “time” to draft a good health care reform bill. More time? They had control of the House, Senate and WH for 6 years and they never even brought this issue up! They’ve had all summer to review the various plans and come up with an idea. Heck, they took us into a pre-emptive war with a sovereign nation quicker than that!

An American Nightmare: One Family’s Mortgage Crisis Story

My life in the house I’ve been living in for 25 years is on the line and I feel utterly helpless. I’ve been involved in what seems to me to be an eternal process of loan modification, and as I’ve been massacred by that same process very recently, the trauma of that colors my fears today.

Republicans Threaten Terrorist Attacks if Holder Investigates Torture

Republicans are playing the terrorism card to dissuade Attorney General Eric Holder from investigating torture. Nine GOP lawmakers have sent a letter to Holder warning that the U.S. could face a terrorist attack if the attorney general appoints a special prosecutor to investigate the CIA’s use of torture against “war on terror” suspects.