The Republican America: A Nation Guided by Fear

The Republican Party and its Right Wing Nuts continue to bombard the American people with lies and misleading information on everything from healthcare reform to the economy to jobs. They have managed to win the “message” war by convincing mainstream Americans that they have everything to fear from the Obama administration.

Petraeus Disagrees With Cheney on Closing Gitmo and Torture

In an interview given to Radio Free Europe over the weekend Gen. David Petraeus backed President Obama’s position that the prison at Guantanamo Bay needs to be closed, and he also disagreed with former vice president Dick Cheney by saying that enhanced interrogation techniques do not help the mission in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Memorial Day also means Not Forgetting about the troops Who Come Home

Memorial Day is more than a holiday for cookouts and afternoon baseball games. It is a holiday to remember those who the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Unfortunately the troops who survive and come home don’t have their own holiday, so today lets thank them too, and look at some of the problems vets from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts are facing.

Restoring Democracy; The Progressive Agenda

There is a fine line between the strength of the left’s questioning of their officials (a good thing) and destabilizing reactionary anger (a bad thing). A recent example of this is the left railing at President Obama to prosecute the Bush administration and others for torture. Urging Obama to prosecute is tantamount to asking him to Bushify the Executive Office.

Shoe Flies, Don’t Bother He

ImageI’ll give Dubya this much, he’s pretty nimble for a man in his sixties.

Perhaps if only Ed O’Neill ran for office would a political story dealing with shoes make so many headlines across the globe.

Biden Mocks Palin on Global Warming

ImageAt a campaign stop in Rochester, New Hampshire, today Joe Biden took the gloves off against Sarah Palin, by openly mocking her debate answer on the cause of global warming, and he repeated the campaign’s promise to end the Iraq war.

Obama: It’s Time to Change Our Policy in Iraq

Obama: It’s Time to Change Our Policy in Iraq

ImageToday Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama spoke to reporters after President Bush announced that troop levels in Iraq would remain mostly unchanged. He used his remarks to connect George W. Bush and John McCain, but my question is, if we really are winning in Iraq why do we need 140,000 troops there?