Bill Kristol Predicts Sarah Palin’s Path to the 2012 Presidency

On Fox News Sunday this morning, Weekly Standard editor, and FNC contributor, Bill Kristol predicted Sarah Palin’s path to the White House in 2012. He predicted that Palin would become a leader of conservatives, the leader of the GOP, and then president, just like Obama did. According to Kristol, Palin is just like Obama.

Krauthammer: Palin is Not a Serious Candidate for the Presidency

Conservative columnist, and Fox News contributor, Charles Krauthammer was on the network today dismissing Sarah Palin as a serious candidate for the presidency in 2012. He said, “She is not a serious candidate for the presidency.” The Vanity Fair story has opened up the GOP’s mixed feelings towards Palin even on Fox News.

Glenn Beck Thinks that the US Bought Alaska in the 1950s

Bad things always seem to happen when Glenn Beck and history collide. The latest example occurred today on FNC’s Fox and Friends, where Glenn Beck claimed that the United States bought Alaska in 1950s so that we could drill for oil. Beck apparently got Alaska’s date of purchase and the year that it became a state confused.

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