Obama Challenges Clinton on Experience Claims

ImageThe Barack Obama campaign has jumped on the opening created by Hillary Clinton’s absurd Bosnia exaggeration to add a few of their own choices to Clinton’s list. The Obama camp questions what Clinton herself called, “her successful effort to create the SCHIP Children’s Health Insurance program.” The Boston Globe investigated Clinton’s claim and found that, “But the Clinton White House, while supportive of the idea of expanding children’s health, fought the first SCHIP effort, spearheaded by Senators Edward M. Kennedy, Democrat of Massachusetts, and Orrin G. Hatch, Republican of Utah…”

Clinton’s website also claims that she helped “to pass the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to enable new parents to take time off without losing their jobs…” The problem, as the Obama camp points out, is that the bill was passed by the previous Congress and signed into law only 16 days after Bill Clinton took office.

It is a popular delusion among conservatives that the Clintons are liberals. In reality, they are conservative Democrats. It is not a surprise that Hillary Clinton never touts the wildly unpopular and proven unsuccessful, welfare reform to Democratic audiences. She also never mentions the administration’s record of champion for deregulation, and how the Clinton reforms enabled scandals like Enron.

Hillary Clinton has authored or passed no major legislation during her time in the Senate. She was content to be a seat filler and kill time until her run for the White House. I do think that she could be a great senator someday, but her current accomplishments, not her husbands, suggest that she has never provided the leadership or vision that the nation needs.

Hillary Clinton’s experience is a myth that was constructed on faulty logic that political experience is a shared asset of marriage. Every politician exaggerates their resume, but Hillary Clinton took the additional step of fabricating a whole new one for her. For too long the Obama campaign let her experience claims go unchallenged. With the nomination in reach, now is time for them to put an end to Hillary’s fantasy resume.

Obama campaign memo:


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