Clinton Camp: Obama’s Record, “Just Words”

ImageHillary Clinton’s presidential campaign put out a press release today, firing back at the Barack Obama campaign’s claims that Clinton has a history of distorting her record. The Clinton camp accused Obama of using Clinton’s Bosnia exaggerations to deflect attention from the Rev. Wright story.

“The Obama campaign’s response? Attack Sen. Clinton and accuse her of trying to divert attention from the Bosnia trip story and her record of foreign policy experience. We are happy to discuss Sen. Clinton’s foreign policy experience and her record overall. Unfortunately, the Obama campaign doesn’t want to discuss its candidate’s record and prefers personal attacks instead.”

They then accused Obama of not wanting to talk about experience, because his own exaggerations would be exposed. “Sen. Obama knows that if he focused on his experience, he’d get questions about the shortcomings in his record and the efforts he has made to embellish it.” They went on to cite what in their view were Obama’s exaggerations, but provided no quotes in his own words, as evidence which is why I won’t bother to detail their allegations here. This is very sloppy work by the Clinton campaign, and frankly I would expect better from such a veteran group.

The statement concluded, “Sen. Obama seems to think disingenuous attacks on Sen. Clinton will address the concerns voters have about his record and readiness to be the Commander-in-Chief and the steward of our economy. They won’t. In the end, Sen. Obama’s words cannot erase Hillary’s 35-year record of action because when all is said and done, words aren’t action. They are just words.” I really can’t believe that they are still sticking with the experience argument. After the Bosnia hallucination blew up in the faces, I assumed that the last thing they would want is somebody digging through Hillary Clinton’s quotes.

The bigger problem that they have is that the experience argument hasn’t swayed a majority of Democratic voters. Their experience argument is why she is losing this race. They made a critical misread of Democratic voters early on, and picked the wrong theme to build her campaign around. If she would have beaten Obama to the change argument, she would be the Democratic nominee right now. My gut has been telling me for weeks now, that this race is essentially over, and that if Obama holds on to his leads, he will be the Democratic nominee.

What is so desperate about this latest Clinton attack is that they are trying hard to revive the Rev. Wright story. Clinton knows that it will take a complete Obama implosion for her to win the nomination, but judging from the laziness and lack of research in this press release, I can see that the heart is being ripped out of the Clinton campaign. The worst thing that the Clintons could do would be to turn this campaign into a character issue, but they seem hell bent on following a path that will lead to their own demise.

To read about the Obama campaign’s attack on Clinton’s experience, click here.

Clinton campaign press release:

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