Nader says Clinton Should Stay in Democratic Race

ImageThere was an interesting post on Ralph Nader’s blog yesterday signed by the man himself expressing the opinion that Hillary Clinton has every right to remain in the Democratic presidential field.

Nader wrote, “Senator Clinton: Just read where Senator Patrick Leahy is calling on you to drop out of the Presidential race. Believe me. I know something about this. Here’s my advice: Don’t listen to people when they tell you not to run anymore. That’s just political bigotry. Listen to your own inner citizen First Amendment voice. This is America. Just like every other citizen, you have a right to run. Whenever you like. For as long as you like. It’s up to you, Hillary. Just tell them – It’s democracy. Get used to it.”

Nader really is a fascinating person. He also is the only pure liberal running for President this year. Of course, he is correct in pointing out that Clinton has every right in the world to continue her campaign for as long as she wants. I believe that she should stay in it until it looks like she can’t win.

I don’t see her faring poorly enough for Obama to secure the nomination outright, and I don’t believe that the Democratic Party is in any great trouble if this process does go until the end. Seriously people, the Democrats are facing a senior citizen in the fall who won his party’s nomination by default. They aren’t going to have any trouble dispensing with John McCain in the general election.

It would have been easy for Nader to look at Clinton as just another fat cat liberal pretender, and cheer on her demise, but the adoption of this position would make Ralph Nader a hypocrite, and that is not who he is. Even though he may disagree with her on the vast majority of issues, he still defends her right to express her views by running for the presidency.

Conservatives choose to constantly define others by using a warped and narrow definition of patriotism, but the embodiment of my kind of patriotism is Ralph Nader. He understands the value of personal liberties, and just like in this case, puts defending those liberties ahead of his self interest.

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