The Angry Scotsman Radio Show: Wrap up

What a wonderful train wreak that was. Eventually I’ll get this whole sounding intelligent and talking straight at the same time thing down. However I do blame myself for being absolutely unprepared since all of the notes I wrote down for the show had come up missing.

The mop up topics involved the 9/11 truth movement and how the different factions are being grouped together by the general public, hurting the true movement with additions of real kooks out there that think that the Twin Towers were blown up by missiles, holographic planes, UFOs or even evil lizardman monsters who disguise themselves as humans. I lay out the general goals of the true 9/11 truth movement as being the following:

1. Wake the people up. Just because we live in America doesn’t make us all immune to the same tortures, tyranny and trials that other countries have dealt with in the past. Understand that there is no limitations to where certain criminal elements can go, especially if they are attempting to push a specific agenda (PNAC anybody?)

2. Expose the 9/11 cover up. Yes, there is a major cover up and there is no denying that there is one. Anybody who automatically denies there is a cover up and the official story is fact has really not done any research in the matter and is a “true believer”. Once the cover up is exposed in full to the people who have woken up, that blows up into questions about the government’s role in 9/11 and at the very least, exposes certain criminals in the government as wanting the attack to happen and allowing it to happen.

I also defended my position on the second amendment, while assuring people I’m not a gun nut. I don’t own guns for very good reasons, however I do have some form of arms at least. I try to fortify my arguement that the right to bare arms actually predates the Constitution and the second amendment is merely an official codification of that right. Also a brief story involving the hero pizza delivery guy who used his second amendment for what it was intended, PROTECTION.

I went on into a train wreak tangent about eugenics, starting with ancient Greece and Plato’s Republic, then going into 19th and 20th century America, a little bit of Germany, a little Planned Parenthood and Margie Sanger (I know that’ll get me in trouble with at least one of my listeners and friends), bio-racial science, Tuskegee, Julian Huxley, Trans humanism, Global Warming and depopulation. Whew…not necessarily in that order. It was a bit of a mess and I know I’ll likely have to do a mop up in the near future.

I apologize to the person who called me while I was ranting and walking away from my computer. Go figure I finally get a call and I miss it. He/she wanted to discuss the Georgia Guide Stones, which is actually a very good topic for a show on eugenics. I highly recommend folks Google that and take a look, some of the “guiding” principals on the stones are frightening. I also completely failed to talk about one of my centerpiece topics of the Family Planning Act of 1970, so I’ll have to bring that up during my mop up show. In a nutshell the act authorized federal funds to forcefully sterilize large groups of the Native American population. One of the act’s biggest backers who was absolutely instrumental in its passage, by the way, was a fellow who’s name you might recognize: George H.W. Bush.

I am not featuring this episode, but if you want to have a listen please follow the link through the player on the podcast page and open the episode in the archive section.

That’s it for me for today. I’ll be back next week on the 17th at 1 PM CDT with Jason Easley making another return appearance to discuss the Pennsylvania Primaries.

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