This is America, right?

ImageAs if it wasn’t enough that China insisted that it’s parliamentary police lay its corrupt and oppressive feet on the soils of London and Paris, beating down protesters along the way; they apparently think they are in charge over in the United States as well. The problem with this is that the countries of France and England, and now the city officials and police of San Fransisco apparently agree.

For several days the torch running ceremony has the target of human rights, peace, and Free Tibet activists who have attempted to show their displeasure with the Communist China by waving Tibetan flags, chanting, booing, hissing, and even attempting to snuff the flame. This has led to a number of measures being taken by the government of China to ward off such explicit dissenters though way of offering the “protection” of the Parliamentary Police of its own country.

For those who are not familiar with China’s parliamentary police, let me give you a brief look at what their most recent accomplishments:

-Opening fire into a group of peaceful protesters, killing 8
-Enforcement and even participation in illegal organ harvesting
-Enforcement of one child policies, up to and including death of the extra child
-Dressing up at Tibetan Monks and staging attacks on fully uniformed police to incite violence against otherwise peaceful protests.

The first real glance of these blue jog suit clad Nazis came to the United States out of Europe as protesters lined the streets and forced the reroute of the torch on a couple of instances, the manhandling of protesters in ways one might treat a violent man on PCP, and dousing the torch once when it became clear that the flame may be extinguished in a surprise water attack. Anybody with anything even remotely resembling a symbol of Tibet or any other criticism of the “People’s” Republic of China were subject to attack, arrest, assault, stolen signs, stolen flags, and even stolen head bands.

Then our hero steps in with a brilliant plan of her own. Majora Carter, South Bronx smarty who was chosen by Coca Cola Co. to carry the torch through a leg of San Fransisco. Carter was also wise to the techniques of her overlord escorts and saw an opportunity to make her statement as a selected torch runner.

After a night of practice with her husband in a top secret plan, she executed a brilliant “trojan horse” maneuver by hiding a Tibetan flag in one of her coat arms until she received the Olympic torch and ran with it for a few minutes. When she felt the time was right and all the media eyes were on her, she pulled out the flag and unfurled it, much to the surprise and chagrin of the Parliamentary police, who had tried so hard to avoid those pesky protesters that were waiting for them on the Golden Gate Bridge. Figuring she was safely protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, this being the her land of the free and home of the brave, she believed the move would be protected by San Fransisco police should a problem arise.

“I figured it wouldn’t be smiled upon, but I thought it was freedom of expression”

She was dead wrong.

She was immediately stripped of the torch by her escorts and shoved forcefully into the waiting arms of San Francisco alleged “finest”, who then made certain her unpleasant detour was completed and the path back to the street was blocked properly by local police.

That wasn’t the end of this disgusting display, however, as her fellow countrymen even had the gall to criticize her decision to exercise her Constitutional rights.

According to the New York Daily News, criticism came from the directions of another New York torch bearer, Richard Doran, who referred to her action as “disgusting and appalling”, and even went so far as to state her actions as dishonoring “herself and her family”. The third carrier of the torch, ex-cop Jim Dolan, got a piece of the criticism pie out to Mrs. Carter by insinuating that she was not truly representing the “best of American Citizens”. Of course it is the goal of every American Citizen to bow down and lick the boots of their Chinese overlords and shut up about what they feel is right and good in the world” Even the PR wing of Coca Cola Co. had two cents to add with the following quote:

“It’s unfortunate that Ms.Carter used an invitation to participate in the torch relay as a platform to make a personal, political statement”

Mrs. Carter correctly appraised the criticism with her own statement, noting that it would have been “more disgusting not to exercise my Constitutional rights.

I would have to agree with Mrs. Carter. What type of message are we sending the world and our own countrymen to allow a foreign and tyrannical force to set foot in our country and exert authority in a place they have would supposedly have no jurisdiction or power to treat American Citizens that way. Our own cops aren’t even supposed to have such power, so why would we allow these pieces of garbage such power? Further, to criticize such action of a fellow countrymen, which protests the treatment, slaughter, and oppression of other human beings at the hand of a tyrannical force speaks volumes of the way some of the brainwashed masses of the United States position their priorities, morals and values. I’m sorry, my friends, but “Sit down, shut up, and enjoy your slavery” doesn’t bode well with me in any instance.

For some, boot licking reason, the countries of England, France and even the United States had decided that it would be acceptable to import something other than the typical cheap clothes and rubber dog poo from China…oppression. It’s one thing to have a government who completely writes off our Constitutional Rights of Free Speech, however when that same write off comes from a governmental, armed police from a country wanting to treat our citizens the same way it treats their civilians, that particularly makes me blow my top. I have already resolved to boycott the Olympics themselves, which would be the first time since 1980 when I was 4 years-old, and now I’ve added Coca Cola to my list, and I would hope that the rest of the United States do the same in support of Mrs. Carter and the Constitution.

Down with the empire, long live the Republic, and FREE TIBET!

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