Reid and Pelosi Slam Bush’s Call for More Tax Cuts

ImageBefore meeting with his cabinet today, President Bush said the solution to the nation’s economic woes is for Congress to make his tax cuts permanent. Bush also took full credit for anticipating the current economic hard times. This did not go over well with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

“This administration anticipated these times. We worked with Congress to pass a pro-growth package that incents businesses to invest; a pro-growth package that will be sending some of your taxpayers’ money back to you. And the Secretary mentioned again that the second week of May the checks and/or credits to your account will start coming — coming to you. And that’s going to be an important part of making sure this economy begins to recover in a way that will add confidence and hope. One way Congress can act is to make the tax cuts permanent. If they really are that concerned about economic uncertainty, they ought to create certainty in the tax code,” Bush said.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) expressed the belief that Bush’s so called answers are what got the country in this mess in the first place. “President Bush’s ideological approach to the economy simply has not and will not work. And his call for more tax breaks for multimillionaires and special interests demonstrates that he is completely out of touch with working Americans struggling to make ends meet. In the face of stagnating incomes and ever-increasing prices for health care, education, food and energy, middle-class families are looking for real solutions – not the same economic ideas that got us into this mess in the first place.”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said, “As the cost of groceries, gasoline, heath care, education, and other necessities continue to rise, purchasing power of middle-income families has stagnated or has gone down. The President’s response to that economic insecurity, as he once again said this morning, is to make permanent tax cuts to the wealthiest people in America. That is one of the President’s top priorities—those tax cuts to the wealthy.”

There has been a lot of talk about which presidential candidate is “out of touch” with the American people, but I think that we all can agree that no one is more out of touch than George W. Bush.

Does he really think that by doing the exact same things that caused our problems he will solve them? Of course, Reid and Pelosi are right. Anyone with half a brain, which I know could exclude many Republicans, can see that President Bush’s trickle down 2.0 works for the few at the expense of the many.

As Democrats become more divided over this primary campaign, I think we need to keep our priorities straight. What it comes down to is either Democrat would be better than four more years of this nonsense.

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