Yet another Super Delegate Backs Barack Obama


Today, Oklahoma superdelegate Reggie Whitten endorsed Barack Obama, “Some say there is no particular need to endorse at the present time. However, I believe this is a defining moment, not only for our Party, but also more importantly for our country.”

He also explained why he chose Obama, “While deciding to support Senator Obama, I thought of my history and my future. I’m from the small town of Seminole, Oklahoma: a city that is predominantly hard-working middle class citizens. It is important that our next President keep small towns like Seminole in mind when he talks about our economy. I am very sincere in my belief that Senator Obama will do just that. When I talk about my future, I, like most people, think of my children. The next administration will have a great deal to say about their future and the world they inherit. As a parent, I am confident Senator Obama has the courage, skill, and experience necessary to lead America forward.”

Whitten also stated his belief that Obama can build a coalition across party lines, “As we move closer to the convention and, from there, to the general election in November, I am certain Senator Obama will continue to build a broad coalition of Democrats, Independents, and yes, even Republicans. He unites us in the belief that without change in Washington, we as a nation cannot begin to address the challenges and opportunities of our future.”

Yesterday, Clinton picked up the endorsement of newly elected Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA), but it seems like the endorsements are fewer and further between for Clinton. It is clear that the national momentum is trending towards Obama, and barring some sort of major collapse by his campaign, the superdelegates should put him over the top and make him the nominee, sometime in June.

Obama is chugging along, and doing what many people thought would be impossible one year ago, he is poised to defeat Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

Whitten’s Statement:

I was on Brian McLain’s Angry Scotsman radio show today talking about the PA primary. If you want to give it a listen, check out our podcasts page:

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