Obama Continues to Dominate Money Race

ImageMarch was a very good month for Barack Obama on the fundraising front, while Hillary Clinton continues to slide back, and John McCain is stuck in neutral.

In March, Obama raised $41,144,348. This is more than double Clinton’s total of $20,107,968, and John McCain might be better off buying a metal detector and heading to the beach, as he only raised $12,037,287.

Obama fundraising pace is down a little bit from the previous two months, but even with expensive media buys in Ohio and Texas, which made up a large chunk of his $28,903,437 spent, Obama was still able to bank another $13.8+ million.

Clinton spent more than she rose last month. She spent $21,548,862. This means that she added another $1.4+ million to her debt total. McCain only spent $8,454,168, but since he rose so little, he was only able to add $3.3+ million to his war chest.

Most impressive is the fact that Obama is carrying the least amount of debt with the most cash on hand. Obama has $51,073,999 in cash on hand. His donor network is so large that only $9 million of this is committed to the general election.

Clinton is not doing to shabbily herself with over $31 million in cash on hand, but she has over $10.3 million in debt, and much of her cash is general election only funds. McCain has over $11.5 million in cash on hand, and only $707,041 in debts.

Overall, Clinton and Obama have dwarfed McCain in fundraising. Obama has brought in over $234 million, Clinton $189 million, and McCain $76 million. Whoever the Democratic nominee is will be in the rare position of having a sizable fundraising advantage over the Republican nominee this fall. The numbers also point out what most of us already know. Obama is cruising. Hillary is sinking, and John McCain is stuck on a sandbar.

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