Hillary Clinton Wins PA

ImageIn a call that wasn’t any kind of surprise, Hillary Clinton has been projected by MSNBC as the winner in the state of Pennsylvania. Being that the call was so early, it is clear that Clinton has a lead that can’t be overcome. Now the question is, how much will she win by?

The exit polls in the state show that Obama was never able to break through with elderly voters, blue collar voters, voters who make less than $50,000, women, and it is likely that Clinton will even carry men. The margin has gone from 30 points so far to 20 points to now 8.

Of course, we have no idea where these votes are in the state. Obama will have to count on the Philadelphia area to close the margin on Clinton. It appears that unless Clinton can win by 10, her fundraising well will have dried up.

The margin is also important for superdelegates. There were six uncommitted Pennsylvania superdelegates, and it will be interesting to see if they go to Clinton.

This has to be disappointing for the Obama campaign who had hoped to put a kill shot on Clinton. Western PA superdelegates will probably go for Clinton. Those in the East will support Obama. The state has split, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the margin is determined by all of those conservative counties in the “T.”

I’ll be updating this story, as the numbers come in both regionally and in counties.

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