Obama on Earth Day and Climate Change


ImageDemocratic presidential candidate Barack Obama talked about global warming and Earth Day as a grassroots movement today.

In a statement Obama said, “As America and the world observe Earth Day, the call to save our planet has never been more urgent. In recent years, we’ve seen the harm that more severe weather events can do. We’ve seen it in the droughts that have swept the South, the hurricanes that threaten our shores with increasing ferocity, and the rising sea levels that could one day submerge our cities. This is a challenge unlike any the world has ever faced, and America must lead the world to meet it.”

He talked about Earth Day as a movement for change, “But Earth Day is not just an urgent call to action; it is a reminder that what is now a global effort began as a grassroots movement for change. Nearly forty years ago, our nation was at war, recession loomed on the horizon, and Americans were losing faith in their own government. But in the face of division and despair, young Americans came together around a common purpose. In high schools, and on college campuses, in small towns and big cities, they rose up to demand that Washington help solve our growing environmental crisis and establish Earth Day.”


Obama offered his opinion on what it will take to solve the climate crisis, “But solving our climate crisis requires more than technological breakthroughs. Our leaders in Washington have to put what’s right for our planet ahead of what’s good for their friends in the energy industry. Executives in the energy industry have to understand that there’s nothing inconsistent about acting in a way that’s both responsible and profitable. And each of us has to do more in our own lives to use energy more efficiently.”

He continued, “We have a choice in this country. We can continue with an energy policy that makes no sense, and serves the interests of the big oil and gas companies at great cost to our planet. Or we can choose a different future – a future where America is energy independent, and no longer funding both sides in the war on terror; a future where we’re leading rather than undermining the global effort to combat climate change; and investing in green energy technology, and creating the jobs of the future.”

I agree with Obama 100% on this issue. Hillary Clinton has a similar climate change policy, but the difference between the two candidates is that when Obama talks about climate change, I believe him. It doesn’t seem like shallow electioneering. I think that solving this problem is a lot more complicated that electing the right president, but the proper leadership can get the nation on the right path towards a solution.

Obama’s full statement:


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