Clinton Now Argues that Florida and Michigan Popular Vote Counts

ImageThe latest unbelievable argument from the Clinton campaign is that she actually leads in the popular vote if the unrecognized elections in Michigan and Florida are included. Here is what the Clinton campaign put out today via press release.

“After last night’s decisive victory in Pennsylvania, more people have voted for Hillary than any other candidate, including Sen. Obama. Estimates vary slightly, but according to Real Clear Politics, Hillary has received 15,095,663 votes to Sen. Obama’s 14,973,720, a margin of more than 120,000 votes. ABC News reported this morning that ‘Clinton has pulled ahead of Obama’s in the popular vote. This count includes certified vote totals in Florida and Michigan.”

What I am trying to figure out is how does the popular vote still count in primary elections which broke the rules and are not recognized by the national party? The obvious answer is that it doesn’t.

I have had a sense all day that the Obama supporters are worried that Clinton will use her big state wins to take the nomination from Obama, but the Democratic Party knows that if they take the nomination away from Obama, then they might as well kiss their chances of winning in November good bye.

It is one thing for Obama to stumble down the stretch and create doubt in people’s minds, but I don’t think that will happen. At worst, I see Obama and Clinton splitting the remaining contests.

According to email sent out by Obama campaign manager David Plouffe today, they are only 293 delegates short of the nomination. It is likely that they will be even closer to clinching the nomination after the last seven contests.

The argument that Clinton is using is why I didn’t and could never vote for her. Her campaign’s reasoning makes no sense. Now they want to count the popular vote in unrecognized primaries. Even if her standard was accepted, delegates count not popular votes.

Obama should not be penalized for playing by the rules. This whole thing makes no sense, and listening to the ridiculous spin coming out of her camp makes me wish that Obama would have ended this last night.

Clinton press release:

Plouffe email:

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