Kentucky Superdelegate Rep. Chandler Endorses Obama

ImageCongressman Ben Chandler announced his endorsement of Barack Obama today.

The superdelegate said of Obama, “Today I am pleased to announce my support and to offer my endorsement to Barack Obama to be the next President of the United States. I have listened to this man, I have met with him and like many of you, I am inspired by his message of change and of hope for our future. But more importantly, I am convinced Barack Obama will provide the steady hand and leadership we need to chart a new path for our nation.”

Chandler continued, “In these tough economic times, when many in our nation and right here in Kentucky are struggling to make ends meet and to provide for their families, too much is at stake for us to do nothing. I hope all Kentuckians and citizens throughout the nation will join with me in firmly supporting Barack Obama to lead our nation to a better future and to a place of respect for our country around the world.”

Obama complimented Chandler’s work fighting to pass Meagan’s Law, “When he served as Kentucky Attorney General, he fought to pass Megan’s Law and protect women and children, and he took action to protect the elderly from patient abuse and neglect. I look forward to working with Ben to strengthen our middle class and to keep our sacred trust with our past and present servicemen and women.”

Chandler is Obama’s 244th superdelegate. This means that Obama is only 288 delegates away from locking up the Democratic nomination. Every day, it seems like another superdelegate goes Obama’s way.

I think the writing is clearly on the wall that barring some sort of strange events, every day more superdelegates are ready to make Barack Obama the 2008 standard bearer for the Democratic Party. No matter what kind of math Hillary Clinton uses, this race looks over.

Read the endorsement:

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