PA Superdelegate Endorses Clinton but Will Support Obama in the fall

ImagePennsylvania superdelegate, Bill George, who is also president of the PA AFL-CIO has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

George said that he is supporting Clinton because of the way she won working class voters in the state, “By winning Pennsylvania by a majority of 55 percent to 45 percent and by an even larger margin 59 percent to 41 percent among working families it would be disingenuous for me not to commit my vote for Senator Clinton.”

George said that working families can’t survive another four years of Republican rule, “Working families cannot survive four more years of George Bush economic and foreign policies under a John McCain presidency. Senator Clinton is the best equipped to beat Senator John McCain in a general election and deliver real solutions to the challenges facing the working families of Pennsylvania and the nation.”

The little nugget that you won’t find in the Clinton press release on this endorsement is that George promised today to support Barack Obama when he is the nominee, “At the conclusion of this primary process if Senator Obama is the candidate and not Senator Clinton, I will dedicate my energies to electing him.”

This endorsement isn’t really about Hillary Clinton being the best Democratic candidate, but a superdelegate carrying out the wish of the voters in his state. This is certainly a less than ringing vote of support. The race seems to be getting back to where it was before PA. The air is certainly out of the Clinton balloon. I think that even her supporters know that her campaignis surviving on a state by state basis now.

If Clinton loses Indiana and North Carolina, no matter what the numbers say, it is over. Since Pennsylvania Obama has picked up 7 superdelegates, with one more coming today, and Clinton has picked up 5. The only thing her win in Pennsylvania has done is to prolong a process that most people feel should have ended long ago.

George’s Endorsement:

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