Indiana Congressman Endorses Barack Obama

ImageRep. Baron Hill, another superdelegate, has announced his support of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama today.

Hill said, “Some have advised me to be cautious, to wait and see which way the electoral winds may blow. I confess that I have listened to those voices and been tempted by their reasoning. But, the stakes are just too high. We cannot continue to pursue the same politics of personal destruction we have engaged in for a generation, some never-ending “groundhog day” endlessly playing out the cultural wars of forty years ago.”

Hill said Obama comments on Rev. Wright yesterday revealed strength of character, “His comments regarding statements made by Reverend Wright showed me another aspect of Senator Obama’s leadership – strength of character and commitment to our nation that transcends the personal. One of the tests of a true leader is his ability and willingness to come to a new conclusion based on new events. Senator Obama did just that yesterday.”

His also mentioned his belief that Obama can bring about change, “I believe Senator Obama has the capability to change the tone and tenor of politics in Washington. I believe that he can and will work with both parties and elevate the level of public discourse. Hoosiers are independent people who want to see civility and common-sense solutions implemented in Washington. Like us, Senator Obama strives to put the good of the country before the good of a particular political party.”

There are a couple of interesting points to be made about Rep. Hill’s endorsement. First, it seems that many superdelegates watched how Obama dealt with the Rev. Wright flare up. Wright has served one useful purpose. His comments provided Obama with a tough personal decision. Secondly, Hill is a member of the Blue Dog Coalition, which is a group of 47 moderate to conservative Democrats who are focused on finding the middle ground on issues.

Hill, and Rep. Chandler, who endorsed him yesterday, is not a liberal Democrat. They are Democrats who are interested in bi-partisanship, and issues like the budget deficit. These are the kind of endorsements that Hillary Clinton hoped to get, but are going to Obama because they believe that he can work better with Republicans. Hill is Obama’s 246th superdelegate, and the campaign is now 288 delegates short of the nomination.

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